SO 4 SO 4 Elektroliza wody w roztworze H 2 SO 4 – + O H H O H H H H H H Kouichi Yuasa (Pl: ) H H H O O H H H H O H H O H H O H H O H H O H H. ELEKTROLIZA NaCl. JS. Joanna Setla. Updated 9 May Transcript. Główną zaletą metody przeponowej jest możliwość dostarczania. do zakładu nie soli. Innym sposobem otrzymywania wodorotlenku miedzi jest elektroliza wody z niedużą ilością rozpuszczonego siarczanu miedzi z użyciem miedzianej anody.

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This can be done quite simply by wrapping a few turns of wire around the stack of plates and passing some brief pulses of DC current elektrliza the wire.

This raises the concentration of the electrolyte because the amount of KOH remains the same while the amount of water reduces. Subcategories This category has the following 7 subcategories, out of 7 total.

However, all sody cars in the USA are fitted with an Electronic Mixture Controller and if nothing is done about that, a decrease in mpg may actually occur as the Controller may start pumping more fuel into the engine when it sees a change in the quality of the exhaust.

It is vital that this transformer be used very carefully.

Translation of “Elektroliza” in English

The mixing should be done in a well-ventilated area which is not draughty as air currents can blow the dry KOH around. The air being drawn up through the cell causes turbulence in the electrolyte and this helps to brush the gas bubbles off the plates and carry them up to the exit pipe in the cap of the cell. You elsktroliza use lemon juice if you don’t have vinegar to hand – but it is always recommended to keep a bottle of vinegar handy.

If you have an alternator which has the windings already accessible from the outside, then the eelktroliza winding connections are likely to be as shown here: With resonant operation, about 1. Changes of pH and temperature depended mainly on the type of sludge used. It is an inductor, a transformer, and a source of energy-form conversion, all rolled into one. This will require re-building wosy resealing of the electrolyser case. The transformer has been successfully duplicated and used by others, driven with Bob’s triple-oscillator board, to achieve a resonant drive to the cells which results in a performance which is well beyond the maximum stated by Faraday.


However, most existing engines are arranged to operate on fossil fuels. Both of those two factors should increase the gas production considerably. Unless the engine has the proper valves for vapour fuel, the stock valves will not survive for extended run times on vapour fuel of any kind without additional cooling of some sort. Magnetic deflection of ions in a circular electrolytic cell. To enable the auxiliary inputs, the on-board generators must be disabled with SW1 switches 1, 2 and 3 as shown here: WMV has caused several people to ask for more details.

This electrolyser can be used to run such a generator on water. Vinegar is acidic, and will help balance out the alkalinity of the KOH. Potassium hydroxide, also called KOH or “Caustic Potash”, can be eletroliza in small quantities from soap making supply outlets. Important use SS nut inside to seat capscrew.

The current flowing through elekteoliza electrolyser goes through each cell in turn and so each cell receives exactly the same current as the other wpdy.

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Two things have to be dealt with: The choice of current is made by the builder of the leektroliza and it will be influenced by the size and cost of the inverter chosen to drive the electrolyser and the allowable current draw from the battery.

These oscillator circuits also have three frequency ranges which can be selected by a rotary switch. Tighten and install washer and SS nut outside.

The author of this document stresses that he is not recommending that you build any of these devices and he disclaims any responsibility whatsoever should you decide to do so against his advice. This will not be the case when the plates arrive from the supplier as each plate will have random magnetic characteristics.

If the electrolyte level drops below the tip of the wire sensors, then the resistance between the wires will fall, indicating that more water is needed.


While the physical arrangement can vary considerably, there are some essential safety features which need to be noted: When the engine is running, the voltage at the battery terminals will be about It is essential that every item which contains hydroxy gas is located outside the passenger compartment of any vehicle. The case needs to have very accurate slots cut in it. Some of this effect may be due to the improvement in the chances of bubbles escaping from the plates and not blocking some of the plate area.

A flexible stainless steel pipe section should be used to absorb the vibration of the engine relative to the electrolyser.

Wodorotlenek miedzi(II) – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

The mounting rings for the tubes are like this: With just one tube in place, the current draw is about one amp. The sody of ammonium nitrogen removal ranged from 8. A few people have done it. That happens when the gasses are lit, and as the flame front of the ignition is about 1, times faster than the flame front when petroleum vapour is ignited, standard flash-back protection devices just do not work.

Even though the plate slots are cut just large enough to allow the electrolyte level to equalise between cells, the water supply is arranged to feed equal amounts of water to each cell. If all checks out ok up to this point, you should be ready to connect the transformer primaries and apply power. The relay is wired in such a way that the relay will be powered up if, and only if, the engine is running. This is a simple solution with the slight disadvantage that the gas production rate when starting is lower than it could be.

When a second tube is added, the current increases by less than half an amp.