Expedición Malaspina: un viaje de doscientos años. Liuis Resines Huidobro; David Finch; Ana Bonilla Alonso. Referencia ISBN: La Expedición Malaspina, (Spanish Edition) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tomo 3, La expedicion Malaspina, Madrid: Museo Naval- Lunwerg. Novo y Colson, Pedro, ed. Viaje de las corbetas Descubierta y Atrevida.

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In Pontremoli, which by then was part of the short-lived Kingdom of EtruriaMalaspina concerned himself with local politics. In the Library Request this item to view in the Library’s reading rooms using your library card. Having seen carts and even ploughs being drawn by convicts for want of draught animals in the colony, and having eaten meals with the colonists at which beef and mutton were regarded as rare luxuries, Malaspina saw the trade in Chilean livestock as the key to a profitable commerce.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Alessandro Malaspina. Nootka Sound was surveyed and mapped with an accuracy far greater than had previously been available. Under a Spanish royal commissionhe undertook a voyage around the world from tothen, from toa scientific expedition the Malaspina Expedition throughout the Pacific Oceanexploring and mapping much of the west coast of the Americas from Cape Horn to the Gulf of Alaskacrossing to Guam and the Philippinesand stopping in New ZealandAustraliaand Tonga.

These voyages have not a little contributed to the extension of botany, mineralogy and navigation.

Portrait of a Visionary. Malaspina’s expedition spent a fortnight at Nootka Sound. Two corvettes were built under Malaspina’s direction specifically for the expedition: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Alessandro Malaspina.


La Expedicion Malaspina, | National Library of Australia

The following particulars of the last attempt of a voyage of discovery, which has made but little expfdicion, and has not even been mentioned by an English journal, cannot fail to procure attention. A Nation renowned throughout the world, which has left nothing untried, will also overcome with the happiest omens, by the most assiduous labour and by its own determined spirit the great obstacles opposing it in the foundation of what may one day become another Rome.

A short time later, on 14 OctoberMalaspina was informed of the government’s acceptance of his plan. You can view this on the NLA website. Pontremoli, 9 April Such a loss cannot fail to be felt far and wide by all those who, placing high value on the ma,aspina of the nautical and travel accounts of this most talented Italian, have known his equanimity in both good and bad fortune; it is without doubt most bitter for those who witnessed the end from close by and who, moreover, had to admire his fortitude in suffering patiently to the very last the most severe pains of a long intestinal illness.

The Spanish king at the time, Charles III was also known for having a penchant for just about everything related to science, [ citation needed ] and had already procured funds to further develop science and technology in several areas.

To learn more about Copies Direct watch this short online video. At Yakutat Bay, the expedition made contact with the Tlingit.

Editorial CSIC : Libro : Expedición Malaspina: un viaje de doscientos años

Inback in Mzlaspina, Malaspina, on board the brigantine Vivotook part in hydrographic surveys and mapping of parts of the coast of Spain. King, “Puerto del Pendulo, Doubtful Sound: Because of Spain’s conflict with revolutionary France, there were no funds in the naval budget for publishing his seven-volume account of the —94 expeditions: Retrieved from ” https: Only one outbreak occurred, during a day trip across the open sea.


Spain’s large empire and many ports of call made it easier to acquire fresh fruit. Los conquistadores del horizonte.

Alessandro Malaspina

Order a copy Copyright or permission restrictions may apply. The two captains reunited at Callaothe port of Lima.

Luckily for the interests of humanity, these discoveries have not caused a single tear to be shed. Botanical studies were carried out, including an attempt to make a type of beer out of conifer needles that was hoped to have anti-scorbutic properties for combating scurvy.

A team of officers was then sent to Mexico City to investigate the archives and political situation of the Viceroyalty of New Spain. To tell the truth, I don’t know what the heck Mr. His friendship strengthened the Spanish claim to Nootka Expedciion, which was in question after ma,aspina Nootka Crisis and resolved in the subsequent Nootka Conventions.

While recognizing the strategic threat it posed to Spain’s Pacific possessions in time of war, Malaspina wrote: The expedition then continued north, mapping the coast, to AcapulcoMexico.