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Nothing a bit o a file won’t cure I’m sure. At least elysians can drop their lasguns in rapid fire range.

Now one thing about rebuilding a PLOG is you can cut out your mistakes Matt Crowther April 20, 1 Comment. Then again Rambo and Chyna would be difficult to tell apart at that scale.

Now back to the original start, I started fitting the Drop Troopers together and found some chronic issues, the heads tended to be hunched over so the back necks needed some trimming and the running legs would need to be pinned or the model was bent into an impossible position.

And the imperial knight household article was part advertisement for the clear airbrush paint forgeworld stopped making. The elysians have basically been forgot about totally in 8th.

Forge World – Elysian Drop Troops, all miniatures

Forggeworld News blog Where to find more information Help. This is a huge problem, broken molds are responsible for the death guard line getting delayed so much last year. Back to the PLOG. The army was started in when the Taros Campaign and the Anphelion Project books were recent Forge World productions. With three squads painted it led to my first progress shot: I think those bases look pretty good, actually. Ill just be buying 3rd party resin guardsmen, then.

Ah I’ve had the pleasure for forge world pricing by doing a Dkok force. And some close-ups of fodgeworld army shots so far. You can find them over on Forge World.


Captain Brown Paints Forge World Elysian Drop Troopers – + pictures – Forum – DakkaDakka

Did they say why? Captain Brown Longtime Dakkanaut Canada. I also experimented with the prone models that came in the Elysian Special Weapons Melta kit. Absolutely love the Elysian miniatures. Thanks FabricatorGeneralMike and evildrcheese for the positive comments.

Work well as elysians. Granted, It’s dumb that they don’t get all the options the normal kit does. Could be that the molds are degrading and they aren’t selling well enough to justify replacing. So they have to make enough profit from a given run to offset the cost of that warm-up time, and having to turn the machine off an on again say to swtich molds increases the unproductive time and thus the necessary profit.

Id want the femguard to have short hair too. The start of my battle with the army of grey resin More units added More units added More units added More units added More units added The army continues to grow Army with two of the flyers Army without the three flyers. CATS- You have no chance to survive make your time. That’s the problem with guard conversions, only those who know the models well will realise how clever they are.

I mean, if not having a new kit in a decade is enough I’m surprised Khorne bezerkers are still about. Being on a aircraft kick I also started installing magnets in the Valkyrie and using old duo tang clips for the metal connection on the Missile and Extra Fuel Tanks. So I would break those up used superglue for the first fitting and try again.

They haven’t had rules since 2e! Warhammer 40k is a franchise created by Games Workshop, detailing the far future and the grim darkness elyian holds. Unfortunately this kit is no longer available to order and it was removed from our web store once the last of the stock of it was sold. Pulled my half built vulture down from the loft to give it a bit of love.


Thank you for all the views and comments. How does that work??? Looks like I’m going to have a bit of work on that resin forgeworle. And I personally choose to exagerate the lack of value of each individual guardsmen. Keep meaning to get my Elysians to take off no pun may have to dig them out from the pile. I miss fkrgeworld I should of never sold them. Or you had based it on a troop option that hadn’t had a kit because it could be happily built from the main kit.

I love your army. No even a great photo with the flash exposure. Warhammer Fantasy Battle 1 Dwarfs 1. It’s not like plastic casting.


Most machines have a warm-up period where they are consuming energy but not actually producing, which costs money. Nobody really plays at tournaments in my area, so its not an issue. A large exhaust pokes out from either forteworld, and yet another hatch there are actually elysan in total, making this a rather hatchsome transport makes up the bulk of the rear.

So while the army is complete, I have made additional updates like building a way to mount the all resin FW aircraft onto GW flying stands, etc. After drying some epoxy putty foreworld added in the cracks to fill the gaps. So one side was not only longer than the other, but it was warped in two directions So once I had lined it up as best I could I drilled several holes in each side for some brass rods, that way I could fit the pieces together and they would hold as I sanded away the excess and started to see where I needed to add putty.