Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jana Oliver’s imagination has always had the upper hand Forsaken (The Demon Trappers series) by [Oliver, Jana]. You know that old saying, ‘never judge a book by its cover’, I’m guilty of it. I always fall into the trap – if the cover isn’t amazing I pre-judge. Buy (ebook) Demon Trappers Books Forsaken, Forbidden, Forgiven from Dymocks online BookStore. Find latest reader reviews and much more at.

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And the sort of confusing.

I’m usually introduced to series, after a few of the books have already been released. Why dekon the demons live? Which is great because I’ll be needing my sweet tea fix. Oddly enough I think the demons were my favorite part about this book.

The Demon Trappers: Forsaken by Jana Oliver – book review

But she’s only seventeen, and new in the game, plus she’s been through a lot. Made him sound like an idiot.

Overall, I just really loved this one! His dialogue is also written in a distracting accent. What Are You Reading? With her wedding fast approaching, as well fosaken her… More.

The Demon Trappers Series

Gegen Ende wurde das Buch noch ein wenig besser, deswegen noch der halbe Stern. In a city more overrun with demons than ever before and money demonn tight, Riley wants to help out, even if it means being an apprentice and getting hassled far more than a seventeen-year-old male Trapper would.


It’s worth it in my opinion. Oliver keeps bringing up more forsaksn to the world and another plotline before the previous question was answered.

Book Review: Forsaken (Demon Trappers #1) by Jana Oliver

HoweverI have to say that the book got better during the second half trappsrs a more regular UF vibe. It moved a bit too fast, and I felt Simon was lacking that extra special something that would have made him stand out. Detailed world with unique paranormal elements? I will not spoil but here is what the description says on good reads. Oh, and remember how demin treated Tim? After a great opening scene a demon in a library! I love how different, and yet familiar, the demon trapping is.

There are plenty of those in this book. I really enjoyed his character. Extremely high levels of angst leading to incredibly stupid decisions.

I won’t read it. She is definitely a kick-a character. Forsaken by Jana Oliver. You’ll have to buy either the e-book or the printed version, neither of which you can do via goodreads. Riley Blackthorn is the daughter of a master trapper, and she wants to be a trapper too.

Gibt es zu diesem Buch irgendwie zwei Cover? Beck is tough but a bit of a loner. All the tears she shed The Demon Trappers Series.


It would almost be less risky to sell your soul to Lucifer than to battle one of them. That’s not all that uncommon for ya, Rtappers love books told in duel perspectives I really liked all of the characters in this one, but I think my favorite is Beck.

View all 4 comments. Which might not be bad for some, but you know how I feel about series. Nov 08, Miriam Mathew rated it really liked it Shelves: I felt them all. But it’s not just demons that are causing trouble; questions to do with meddling angels and uncovering the mystery of the holy water problems still need to be solved.

Not really cons about the book itself, just corsaken things that irked me as a reader. I’ll stop gushing now, to the plot! For people, who – like me – like stories with alternating points of view: How could you not know what a Biblio demon was?

Amazing characters and a great read. Return to Book Page. The setting is really cool! You out number him, impeach!