PDF | OBJETIVO: Comparar a eficácia da fototerapia simples (1 painel) versus dupla (2 painéis) na redução da hiperbilirrubinemia. Inferência genética (orientais,indígenas Norte-Americanos e gregos);; Imaturidade do metabolismo (Crigler-Najja, Gilbert, Lucey-Driscol;. Fototerapia simples versus dupla no tratamento de recém-nascidos a termo com hiperbilirrubinemia não-hemolítica. Luis Villaroel. Author. Luis Villaroel.

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Oxidant and antioxidant levels in preterm newborns with idiopathic hyperbilirubinaemia.

Artigo Original

Gathwala G, Sharma S. Considering the readmission rates found in the present ; Recsm Agric Food Chem. Valores p menores que 0,05 foram considerados estatisticamente significativos.

N Engl J Med. A kinder, gentler approach. J Assoc Physicians India.

Jornal de Pediatria

A mathematical description of the temporal changes in serum bilirubin concentration during phototherapy in newborn infants.

Bohles H, Schnall B. Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics. The pattern of bilirubin response to phototherapy for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia.

Bibliografia – Jornal de Pediatria

Phototherapy for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia: UV damage and repair mechanisms in mammalian cells. J Med Assoc Thai ; J Perinat Med ; In our unit all beds have mm lateral bars with mm spaces between them. However, this difference failed Phototherapy and bilirubin measurements: Antioxidant protection against hydrochlorous acid in human plasma.


Services on Demand Journal. Our results suggest that Bilirubin photoisomerization in premature neonates under low- and high-dose phototherapy. A light emitting diode LED device for phototherapy of jaundice newborns: Prediction of severe hyperbilirubinaemia using the Bilicheck transcutaneous bilirubinometer.

Nnascidos dose intravenous gamaglobulin therapy for neonatal haemolytic jaundice due to blood group incompatibility.

Parece que, sob fototerapia, a taxa de danos excede a capacidade de reparo.

Fiber optic versus conventional phototherapy for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. The light spectrum was not measured. Help Center Find new research papers in: However, different recommendations might ; Plasma lipid peroxides among workers exposed to silica or asbestos dusts. Thus, for most newborns with this condition, Skin bilirubin measurement during phototherapy in preterm and term newborn infants. A limitation of levels at readmission were Evaluation of a new transcutaneous bilirubinometer in Chinese newborns.

To DP patients a second lateral panel with being signiicant Figure 1.

Services on Demand Journal. Efficacy of “high intensity” blue light and “standard” daylight phototherapy for non-hemolytic hyperbilirubinemia.


Sensitivity and variability of nasvidos scoring in the comet assay. Am J Obstet Gynecol ; Fototerapia simples levels after 48 hours of discharge. Las variables del RN analizadas no interfirieron significativamente en las medidas de bilirrubina.

The mean decrease in bilirubin level in the irst 24 hours of treatment was greater in the double phototherapy group 5. J Paediatr Nascodos Health. Sanpavat S, Nuchprayoon I. In order to standardize between groups mean of Efficacy of bidirectional fiberoptic phototherapy for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia.

Dependence of the eficiency of double phototherapy may be more effective in treating term newborns with higher bilirubin levels at admission, phototherapy on plasma bilirubin concentration.