Thank you for purchasing a Futaba® 10C series digital proportional R/C system .. Futaba FASSTG RFS or RFS receiver may be used with the 10C . SKU, Model, PWM Outputs, Ports, 2 Ports, FASST, Telemetry, S- FHSS, High Speed, High Voltage, Connectors, Range. FUTL, RGF, 4, 0, 0. Futaba radio control (RC – R/C) systems and accessories.

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The knobs and channels are quite easy to find during flight. My 10C now has 86 hours and 12 minutes on its clock. Initial feel is great.

My only problem with Futaba’s 2. Smooth gimbals although they are not quad bearing ones. The large photos appear lope sided Luckily third party upgrade packs are readily handy and you can upgrade no problem. On the right are a small joystick and a twisty knob with a button in the middle of it helpfully labeled “PUSH”.

Choose each channel, set your expo for each, and assign dual-rate switches all on this screen. The backlight on the display has also turned out to be surprisingly handy. I decided to buy the 12FG instead 30 memories, NiMH pack, bigger screen – with the recent sale it was irresistible.

Jan 05, Conclusion It has been 7years since the 9C was introduced into the market. It’s made easier this time as the joystick allows you to scoot sideways to an option rather than just linearly scrolling through the list.


Futaba 10C 2.4 FASST Transmitter Review

Anyways, that’s my spiel, just wanted people to know what it’s like to actually use this puppy. Although night flyers commonly use hat mounted lamps, this clears it up more than a head-lamp.

Jun 04, Also, the slider channel knobs on the side make an audible beep as they pass through center, so it’s possible to actuate something that needs to be accurately re-centered glider flaps: I have a old 9C that I’ve been dying to upgrade.

However, I did find my usual piro-flip timing going a bit off with the 10C. Last edited by kingsflyer; Jan futava, at Got it about two weeks ago. You can read it here.

In general the radio has a great feel, and compared to the 9C the sticks are a touch more separated and closer to the sides. Fortunately the manual is very well-organized and easy to follow.

Futaba T10CHP Transmitter, TM 10 FASST GHz Module, battery, charger & manual – RC Groups

Scroll down to the next page or press the joystick to enter your user name if you wish and adjust display settings. In terms of changes in the advance functions In fjtaba, one can just copy all the values Endpoints, gyro gain, curves The 10C looks great. In the 9C, each individual mix is listed on the 2nd page of the advance menu, but on fuhaba 10C, you have to get into the P-mix “content page” from the advance menu fjtaba then select the mix you want to edit. It is very important to make sure that the two antennas coming out of the receiver are oriented at 90 degree angles to one another.


Vendo Radio futaba 6ex 2. For me, I am glad Futaba kept the simplicity. When I moved the stick in extremely tiny steps, there are instances when the servos don’t move at all.

T01chp were excited to get our hands on one for review, and that excitement only grew as we got to know it. Last year I purchased an Assan 2.

The only time this seems to not be true is some of the heli setup features seems that way as some of the switches are removed as options if t110chp have it set to throttle hold. From the stick feel, to fhtaba switch layout, to the navigation buttons and even the TX battery itself, is the same as on the 9C. A campac with 9c model files will work too. For all the people that may want to know how good this radio is to actually use