Let Fonzi take over from here, from an article he wrote for Gold Coast in The Last Investigation. By Gaeton Fonzi. The title of my book, “The Last. Gaeton Fonzi’s masterful retelling of his work investigating the Kennedy assassination for two Congressional committees is required reading for students of the. Fonzi, an investigative journalist who acted as an investigator for the House The Last Investigation: Gaeton Fonzi, Former Federal Investigator Breaks His Oath.

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This letter discusses former Director McCone and another retired employee “concerning their recollections about an alleged CIA employee reportedly using the name Maurice Bishop. The names of both E. Another muffled conversation with his mother.

Gaeton Fonzi – Wikipedia

The late Mario Lazo, a prominent exile attorney and close associate lnvestigation top CIA officials even after the Watergate burglary, he considered E. See “About Us” for a fuller bio. It is no wonder that the critics early pounced on the Odio incident as being the most flagrant of all the Warren Commission distortions. In that regard, let me close this discussion with a quote by Sylvia Odio.

The Warren Commission, however, never considered the significance of the source of the story. Order this book online or see its Selected Tue page for comments and reviews.

Gaeton Fonzi

I got to know the bearded, swashbuckling St. Hhe what just happened — this time chunk of experience that was here a moment ago and is now gone — really happen? The House Assassinations Committee would later conclude that Oswald did, in fact, leave New Orleans the last week in September and, from his other known movements, had to have access. It is very disappointing that this investigation which began with such promise ended with such dashed hopes.

Despite the pressure from Church, however, in September the Committee staff had already gotten its deadline extended to March 5th when Schweiker came up with his proposal to throw the Kennedy assassination ingestigation the investigative pot. The sister attended a couple of Cuban exile rallies in Dallas and gave their spiritual support to anti-Castro efforts, but being young and with little money there was not much else they could do. One such characteristic was that the leads usually could not be dismissed outright because they always contained hard kernels of truth mixed in the fluff.


Kennedys And King – Gaeton Fonzi, The Last Investigation

We made a vow to each other not to tell anyone. As the reader can see by perusing this listI consider this book one of the ten best ever published on the JFK assassination. Oswald, Cuba and Mob connections were all pretty much diversions. If you do not recall that time, you cannot comprehend what a discordant thing it was in to content that an official government report might be wrong — especially one which had been issued by a panel of men of weighty public status.

And as patently ridiculous as it may appear on its surface, lt did have all the sophisticated edges inveetigation so many of the stories which popped up after the Kennedy assassination. He was, first of all initially not getting the kind of concentrated Committee staff support he felt his Subcommittee needed.

It came with film positive photos of Sturgis and Hunt designed to be overlaid on photographs of the tramp. Phillips27 Nov Suddenly the United States Government began cracking down on the very training camps and guerrilla bases which had been originally established by the United States Government.

Even before I met Silvia and Annie Odio and had the, opportunity to evaluate their credibility, in reviewing all the FBI documents and the Warren Commission records of the Odio incident, I was especially intrigued by two aspects of it: I had studied it in both the films and the still photos.

One of the groups was called the International Anti-Communist Brigade, a collection of soldiers-of-fortune, mostly Americans, headed by a giant ex-Marine named Gerry Patrick Hemming.

Luce, we did just what you said.

That upset Church quite a bit. Destitute and alone, she began having emotional problems. But, above all, they would issue an authoritative sounding report. I feel outraged that we have not discovered the truth for history’s sake, for all of us.

He was charged with plotting to blow up a building housing Russian agents Castro used to visit regularly. Want to Read saving….


From the CIA file notes of telephone conversation, it appeared that even Colby was confused about what was going on. Artime was very close to and in frequent contact with CIA liaison Hunt. The leaders of the Directorio decided to squeeze as much propaganda and fund-raising benefit as they could out of the publicity. Rob Suggs rated it it was amazing Feb 27, Every CIA station in the world had at least one case officer assigned to Cuban operations and reporting to the Miami station.

Fidelisimo sin Fidel, Hunt said, and called him a Communist. Insofar as there is a central argument or proof to this book as opposed to his scoops mentioned in the appended descriptionit is as regards the involvement of CIA personnel connected to the covert war against Cuba in the assassination of the president. One could argue ,and Fonzi probably would have done that the decline of America which has progressed through Reagan, briefly halted by Obama, and then continued with Trump really started in Novemberbut suddenly accelerated when the American electorate were robbed of answers by the bureaucr Having finished the book I mistakenly entered my review under progress.

These reports all indicated that Lee Harvey Oswald had some association with pro-Castro elements or was, in fact, a Castro agent. Laura rated it really liked it Dec 04, The Last Investigation by Gaeton Fonzi.

The Last Investigation

For years Salerno has earned a good living lecturing, writing books and appearing on radio and television shows as the capo de tutti capi of Organized Crime experts. I recall asking her at the time to find out whether or not the experts would take into consideration the possibility that the tramps might be wearing sophisticated disguises. At the outset the author states he wants his book to make readers angry.

I recall one evening chatting with him on the telephone. In some places it rises to the level of extraordinarily well-written.