The Lost Empire of Atlantis: History’s Greatest Mystery Revealed [Gavin Menzies] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Tremendous. This guy. Ex-submariner Gavin Menzies attracted global attention with his eye-catching farragos “” and “”, books laying out how he imagined. Given the fevered nature of most works on Atlantis, it is slightly alarming to read this sentence: “In , as captain of the submarine HMS.

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Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. The Year China Discovered the World Robert Hoffman on March 20, at 4: Aug 27, Meredith rated it liked it. For me, it was a fantastic read. This is another book to add to the list that presents evidence that Europeans had been to N. He knew this because he had winched up the net in which it was found.

Menzies is primarily an expert in navigation and seamanship. I found it frustrating at times to have to wade through personal memoir in order to get to the meat of the argument. Look at the evidence, idiots, but try to keep your minds open! The proposition that the Minoans sailed the Atlantic seems far fetched until one recalls Lief Erikson did the same only a millennia ago, using quite similar ships as the Minoans likely used.


Employing the research of many scholars, the self-confidence of a rock star, the zeal of a True Believer and a travel budget sufficient to make Marco Polo and Henry Stanley glow an envious green, Menzies, who served in the Royal Navy, begins his tale on Crete, where he and his wife went for a brief vacation. Some of the conjecture about the location, size and technological capabilities of “Atlantis” can get pretty far out there wi I have read several books on Atlantis, it is a subject that has always fascinated me so I was per-disposed to like this one.

As, in the present case, nothing in my own research offers support for the views of Rich Santacoloma, but at the same time, I am perfectly prepared for the possibility that time will prove his views correct. This page was last edited on 20 Octoberat I was suckered in by Atlantis and the pretty cover, sue me. Aug 11, Mobilis rated it it was ok. If I wanted to look something up on a website, I would search for information online, not read a book.


I was taught in school that it was Readers should know that most of excavated Knossos is the rebuilt version after the Thera explosion that decimated Knossos and other parts of Crete. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Presentation by Menzies on Although the book contains numerous footnotes, references and acknowledgments, critics point out that it lacks supporting references for Chinese voyages beyond East Africa, the location acknowledged by professional historians as the limit of the fleet’s travels.

Aug 22, Malcolm rated it it was ok. Jul 04, Les rated it did not like it. The color plates felt sparse and I WAS annoyed by the repeated use of the phrase “this is on our website”.

And his evidence is good. At this mid-year point, my best non-fiction read of Menzies’ numerous claims and the hundreds of pieces of “evidence” thr has assembled have been thoroughly and entirely discredited by historians, maritime experts and oceanographers from China, the U.

Not a single document or artifact has been found to support his new claims on the supposed Ming naval expeditions wtlantis Africa I loved his enthusiasm and his acknowledgement of the role various experts played in research for this book; from archaeologists to linguists, from mathematicians to astronomers, the author quotes at length his source’s verification of his theories.

I now think of the early Minoans and later Minoans. I recall many decades ago, when I lived in Minnesota, getting all excited about the supporting evidence for the belief that the Kensington Stone had been left in Minnesota by a band of Norsemen who had made their way up the Hudson River and then halfway across America via the Great Lakes … only now I find what appears to be much the same evidence Indian legends about white men, European-type relics, etc. Assuming Atlantis did exist, we are never likely to find definitive proof about where it was located.


Interesting idea, but I question the author’s credentials and grasp of science. Having been to Crete and knowing something about Minoan history, I found the whole premise fascinating!

Ultimately, history when done properly is very rarely about grand questions let alone grand answers: Views Read Edit View history. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It certainly deserves more research and investigation as it has the potential to re write our knowledge of prehistory.

The Year China Discovered the Worldis a work of sheer fiction presented as revisionist history. Last year the Portuguese theory was still just a theory: But, although Menzies finds some seemingly compelling evidence to support his theory about the Minoans, it sometimes felt like a reach.

Cogita-se sobre o Egito ter tido poderio naval aprendido com os minoicos. I only wish there was a more rigorous, academic tome that explored the thesis. rmpire

Unfortunately, Menzeis tends to get sidetracked, and meanders about talking about his personal travel experiences. Open Preview See a Problem? I filled in many gaps in my knowledge, the many places where copper was mined in Europe and the Middle East, the fact that tin can be found inn places other than Cornwall but that Cornish tin is superior. Bull leaping is frequently depicted in Minoan art and believed to be part of ritual.

Review: Gavin Menzies’ “The Lost Empire of Atlantis” – Cipher Mysteries

Fortunately we are also endowed with reason. Jun 12, Atlanhis Smith rated it really liked it. Reading this reminded me of a comment I saw on Twitter recently: Gavin Menzies takes us on his journey to rediscover the Lost Empire of Atlantis.