(2) Invisible Contracts is actually a letter in book form. The “letter” is addressed to a “Mr. May”, who wrote. Mr. Mercier in connection and in response to a. Invisible Contracts [George Mercier] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the reasons why lawyers try and raise numerous. Back in the mids, an author named “George Mercier” wrote a long treatise he described From reading Mercier’s Invisible Contracts, it appears to me that he.

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Altmeyer, who held several offices in the Roosevelt administration. GibsonP.

Amounts so authorized by Congress are termed collectively ‘budget authority’ and can be subdivided into three conceptually distinct categories — appropriations, contract authority, and borrowing authority. Constitution provides that “No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law.

Ina subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee conducted hearings for the express purpose of settling the question of whether social security was contractual in nature; see Hearings of November 27, entitled “The Legal Status of OASI Benefits,” Part 6. The witness at the hearing was Dr. We have also established that there invisile no insurance contract between the Government and the worker within a covered wage whereby the rights and obligations of a party are set; that is correct, is it not?

There are lots of phony admiralty arguments being promoted in the freedom movement, all asserting essentially an argument that admiralty has invaded “inland”, and “everything is admiralty”.


You did not establish that.

The rest of the Social Security claimants in America have no enforceable claim on public funds, and all they possess is a “political promise,” upon which Congress can renege at any moment. Congress knew that, did it not?

Certain agreements void unless in writing. United StatesU. Thus, Social Security has never been and is not now a contract.

For example, in Lynch v. Borrowing authority permits an agency to spend debt receipts.

It is only this other material that provides any shred of legal support for his argument. First, Social Security “payments” are not premium payments, but are taxes instead. Formal requirements; statute of frauds. But, all of that is irrelevant regarding his fundamental legal argument.

It requires a subsequent appropriation or some other source of geodge before the obligation incurred may actually be liquidated by the outlay of monies. This Court has pointed out the difference between insurance which creates vested rights, mwrcier pensions and other gratuities, involving no contractual obligations, in Lynch v. I could be wrong, but I have concluded that Mercier first wrote some treatise of his legal argument that was purely theoretical.

A private insurance policy is clearly a contract because the policyholder makes a promise to pay money to the insurance company, which in turn agrees to likewise pay the policyholder if certain contingencies arise.

DrefkeF. Marsh was prosecuted and convicted, and died in jail.


The position asserted by Mercier that social security is a contract, visible or invisible, thus does not manifest itself in the decisions of federal courts. CostleF. Once this was done, he simply added a substantial amount of other apparently relevant to him at least legal and other materials.


At pages the Chair’s concluding remarks: An agency in charge of such a project could theoretically “contract” with a construction company to build this structure. BelcherU. From the fact that he quoted very extensively from the works of Mormon Church leaders, I have concluded that he was a Mormon.

George Mercier’s “Invisible Contracts”

I address that groundless argument here. CIRF. I have answered your question, sir. I know little about Mercier, and I have never met anyone who knew him.

Altmeyer, cojtracts is apparent that the people of the country have no insurance contract.

Invisible Contracts

We came to an agreement on one of our major premises, that this was no insurance contract, and the words did not come from me.

Altmeyer, there kercier no contractual obligation between the Government and the worker, it follows, does it not, that the benefit payments under title II of the Social Security Act are merely statutory benefits which Congress may withdraw or alter at any time? There are lots of other flaws in Mercier’s legal argument about Invisible Contracts, but I invisuble not address them here.