The Weavers, naturalistic drama in five acts by Gerhart Hauptmann, published in and performed in as Die Weber. The play is based on the revolt of. Hend said: a drama about a group of poor (the weavers) and their abortive revolt in than Gerhart Hauptmann’s naturalistic masterpiece The Weavers. The Weavers Summary. Gerhart Hauptmann In a large room on the ground floor of Dreissiger’s house the weavers were bringing in their finished webs. Pfeifer.

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If the protagonists weren’t weavers and you weren’t regularly reminded of the old technology in This play is exceptional. He wrote with love and pity. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Gerhart Hauptmann Monologues – A collection of monologues for actors.

Stage Review: “The Weavers” and The Art of Starvation

Orloff inspired characters in several of Hauptmann’s works and he later referred to her as his muse. They will tell you, “The poor have too many children.

Mar 08, Michael Haase rated it liked it. March Click [show] for important translation instructions.

The Weavers by Gerhart Hauptmann

I also add myriad shelves to indicate the medium of the read, geography and era. But he knew the proletariat of Berlin and its language just as well, as he had lived there for years. You villains all, you brood of hell This goes for his entire work, including the romantic and classicist creations.

In he created The Arts Fusean online magazine dedicated to covering arts and culture in Boston and throughout New England. Back to German Plays Index. The play is interesting haupgmann that it has no protagonist, just a series of characters who see events through a variety of perspectives, but disappear from the stage as new ones emerge. The Weavers amounted to a triumph of social realism.


Indeed what else, except to be always waiting in humility, to be exploited and degraded, always at the mercy of the few pence thrown to them after an endless wait. The background of The Weavers is the weaving district in Silesia, during the period of home industry — a gruesome wesvers of human phantoms, dragging on their emaciated existence almost by superhuman effort.

Most of the characters are proletarians struggling for their rights. Plus I don’t like being obliged to read something so the book rating has to suffer a bit. Weavefs it the words of the publisher, a newspaper or a Goodread’s librarian. There is no protagonist in this play but rather a large number of stick figures who are there to represent an aspect of the issue.

An’ what’s more — if there’s a rush on Dittrich’s, you will see me in the forefront of it — an’ pity the man as tries to prevent me — I’ve stood it long enough, so now you know it. The Sunken Bell – An hauptmmann of the play by Hauptmann. Verhart even the devout faith of Old Hilse, who attempts to stem the tide with his blind belief in his Saviour, can stay them.

For information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy. The entrance of Jaeger as a prisoner, his subsequent release by thd mob, the evacuation of the house by gergart owners, the entrance of the weavers, the despoiling of the rich furnishings, all supply excellent dramatic action.


May 17, Czarny Pies rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I guess this is incredibly valuable and the real rating is a lot higher but my reading experience was “okay” which I suppose was mainly because of the environment when discussing books in class.

The Germans always make good stuff, and Hauptmann does not disappoint. And think of the manufacturer’s responsibilities, think of the numbers that depend on him, that look to him for their daily bread.

After the war, his dramatic abilities appeared to diminish. Neither does it know pride. It is too much, because of the truth and the reality that thunders in the placid ears of society a terrific J’accuse!

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hauptmaann In rags an’ dirt they lay, all the four — it didn’t as much as keep ’em dry. Bill Marx is the editor-in-chief of The Arts Fuse. Lacher der Leute im “Hause”. Back to Gerhart Hauptmann. Hauptmann was a realist, a romantic, a classicist; and any image of this genius would be false if it were to ignore any of these three facets. Hauptmann’s subsequent work includes the comedies Colleague CramptonThe Beaver Coatand The Conflagrationthe symbolist dream play The Assumption of Hanneleand an historical drama Florian Geyer What harm has a baby like that done that it must come to such a miserable end — eh?