5 Configuration. You’ve probably noticed that you need to type several commands to boot your OS. There’s a solution to that – GRUB provides a menu interface. For more information, you must read the GNU GRUB Manual In particular, you need to familiar with The list of command line and menu. GNU GRUB is a boot loader package from the GNU Project. GRUB is the reference .. All GNU Grub scripts and commands are supported for both UEFI and legacy systems. Grub2Win can configure Grub for multiboot of Windows, Ubuntu.

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When enabled, this hides the selected partition by setting the hidden bit in its partition type code; when disabled, unhides the selected partition by clearing this bit. A possible configuration is detailed here, feel free to adjust to your needs.

If the Document already includes a cover text for the same cover, previously added by you or by arrangement made by the same entity you are acting on behalf of, you may not add another; but you may replace the old one, on explicit permission from the previous publisher that added the old one. However, you need to specify it only if you want to load a NetBSD elf kernel, because GRUB can automatically determine a kernel type in the other cases, quite safely.

The sole function of boot.

GNU GRUB – Wikipedia

As a downside, such boot loaders have increased internal complexity and even bigger footprints. Load the first sector of Stage 2.


Gun are especially important: I’m not sure where some part of the original chapter is derived, so I will rewrite this chapter. Top 15 Invoking the grub shell This chapter documents the grub shell grub. If fonts contain all gtub characters then bidirectional text, cursive variants and combining marks other than enclosing, half e. For example, you might want to set the default menu entry based on what was selected the last time.

If the preset menu includes any boot entries, they are cleared when the configuration file is loaded.

So it is normally enough to return errnum. GRUB cannot directly boot Microsoft operating systems. Words are separated by metacharacterswhich are the following plus space, tab, and newline:. This failure may halt or otherwise impact the boot process. This file consists of lines like this:.

Support a human-readable text configuration file with preset boot commands. You can display your PC environment information either through terminal or a text editor. If you have Invariant Sections without Cover Texts, or some other combination of the three, merge those two alternatives to suit the situation. If you follow the guideline above, submit a report to the Bug Tracking System.

I have written about this tool in detail in my article A cool list of Linux toolsunder Rescue. Both covers must also clearly and legibly identify you as the publisher of these copies. If this variable is set, it identifies a menu entry that should be selected if the default menu entry fails to boot. If you protect the menu interface with a password see Securityall you can do is choose an entry by pressing RETor press p to enter the password. The menu is based on a configuration file which you prepare beforehand see Configuration.


An optional timeout is available to boot the default entry the first one if not setwhich is aborted by pressing any key. InGordon Matzigkeit and Yoshinori K. This automatically creates a file named default under your GRUB directory i. Invoking grub2-installUp: Alias for hashsum –hash sha1 arg …. Boot automatically after 30 secs.

GNU GRUB Manual 0.97

Don’t depend on it being the same for later calls into the backend code! In the example above, note that you need to put both commands on the same command line, as you will lose the ability to type commands on the console after the first command.

Use setup see setup instead. If invoked 0.9 options, this command currently behaves as if it had been invoked with -l. This is true for most terminal emulators nowadays, grb you should pass the option –dumb to the command if your terminal emulator is not VTcompatible or implements few VT escape sequences. Jump to the starting address of the Stage 2.