You are ready. You don’t read math book like you read a novel. You can literally spend days on one page. You are not going to find a better book than Halmos’s. Every mathematician agrees that every mathematician must know some set theory; the Naive Set Theory. Authors; (view affiliations). Paul R. Halmos. Book. Every mathematician agrees that every mathematician must know some set theory; the disagreement begins in trying to decide how much is some. This book.

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None of the concepts within were particularly surprising, but it was good to play with them first-hand.

So you’re essentially taking more than you claim to have taken. It did more than enough for me, nxive without the last few chapters.

Book Review: Naïve Set Theory (MIRI course list)

Aug 20, ‘Asem Ismaiel rated it liked it. An Historical Introduction to Cantor’s Paradise. Zahid Emre rated it really liked it Mar 07, Everything is a set. He had a rather nonstandard use of the phrase “in case,” which threw me off until I got used to it. This extra condition is useful when working with infinite sets.

Start by Googling terms like “introduction to propositional logic. Trivia About Naive Hwlmos Theory. The axiom of unions allows one to create a new set theoy contains all the members of the original sets.


Naive Set Theory

Return to Book Page. Apr 23 ’15 at A bit into the book, I started struggling with the exercises. David Richerby 2, 1 13 After thatI would suggest you to naivee up Rosen — wonderful book with lots of problems: Build your knowledge in solid steps. If a comparably short-and-sweet textbook written in the last twenty years can be found, I recommend updating the suggestion on the MIRI course list.

Muhammad Kalvianto rated it really liked it Feb 16, You are not going to find a better book than Halmos’s book; so you might as well grab a ton of seh paper and go to town. This book is brilliant.

In those areas, set theory works in just the way you’d expect it to. Each section is only about 2 pages, but manages to cover a good amount of intuition. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. On pagesI encountered if and only if and had to go to Wikipediato actually understand it. Can you be a theoretical mathematician and make a B in Calc I approximately the third time you took it? Normally I’d summarize each chapter, but chapters were about four tiny pages each and the content is mostly described by the chapter name.

How does it fit in to the larger subject of mathematics? Realize that you don’t have to use set-builder notation to express yourself unambiguously.


I have a moderately strong background. Finally, there is something an old boss of mine once told me. Aug 20, Peter rated it really liked it Shelves: A Book of Set Theory.

My only suggestion is that you swap chapter 25 and Introduction to the Theory of Sets. You don’t read math book like you read a novel.

Naive Set Theory

The exercises are useful too. In general, if the book doesn’t offer you enough explanation on a subject, search the Internet. Sets are the same if they contain the same elements. SE to understand such sentences as: Kamke, which was reprinted by Dover Books, but I don’t know how well suited to machine learning the topic is.

For example, a totally ordered set can have multiple elements without a predecessor. But that’s a small complaint on an excellent document. Hardcoverpages. AsafKaragila But users of sets almost always have an implicit universal set in mind.

The book ends simply with th This is one of my favorite books, ever, seg among nonmathematical books. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Post as a guest Name.