Review of Handbook of Proto-Tibeto-Burman: System and Philosophy of Sino- Tibetan Reconstruction. Article (PDF Available) in Language and Linguistics. System and philosophy of Sino-Tibeto-Burman Reconstruction. } Review: James A. Matisoff () Handbook of Proto-Tibeto-Burman. System Rethinking Sino-Tibetan phylogeny from the perspective of North East Indian. Review of Handbook of Proto-Tibeto-Burman: System and Philosophy of Sino-Tibetan Reconstruction. By James A.

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Thumbnails Document Outline Attachments. Benedict thought two manner types reconstructuon stops voiced vs. Oceanic Linguistics 33 2: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Thus the correct comparandum for Ch. Here reflexes of the posited proto-rimes in some important languages usually Tibetan, Burmese, Jingpo, Lahu, Lushai, and a representative of the Bodo-Garo group, sometimes also Mikir, Nung are tabulated and examples are given.

Despite his anti-megalocomparativist stance, Matisoff is himself a half-believer in Austro-Tai. In the next section, a suggestion wll be made that the velar vs.

Benedict’s idea that ST, and 5 Bill Baxter p. Berkeley, Los Angeles, London: Journal of Chinese Linguistics monograph series number 7.

Here are examples of TB-Chinese comparisons with initial l- which M. It is in fact with Matisoff’s work that lack of explicitness gets in the way of falsification. There is also no question that advances in TB can help students of Chinese historical phonology constrain their hypotheses on the early history of Chinese. The reader is invited to admire e. VIIfinal stops Ch. In a footnote fn.

Skip to main content. Matisoff treats it as just variation, but another prossibility, adopted in Peiros and Starostinis that this alternation reflects earlier uvular initials. WT phag, WB wakwas first treated by Benedict XII “Allofamic variation in rhymes”. By the late ‘s, when Benedict and Matisoff were preparing the Conspectus for publication, work by Haudricourt a,bPulleyblank and Yakhontov had already resulted in major modifications to Karlgren’s system, even though their work had not been presented to the non-sinological public in as convenient a format as Grammata Serica.


Hanyu Shi Lun Ji Expect a dental stop in TB. Matisoff’s book will also be useful as a source of TB cognate sets, some preliminary, and of TB reconstructions which evince some patterns of regularity when compared to recent Old Chinese reconstructions.

University of California Press

For all its immense historical merits, Karlgren’s system fails to use the same vowel for OC words which rhyme together in OC poetry, has a spurious series of unaspirated voiced stop initials, has spurious voiced stop endings -b, -d, -g in most MC open-vowelled rimes, misses medial -r- misunderstands the evolution of laterals These are tabulated reconstrutcion the various chapters on rimes.

Written aroundthe manuscript was published inreconstrucion by Matisoff, updated with a thick layer of footnotes which presented Benedict’s, and in some cases, Matisoff’s ideas at the time the manuscript was being prepared for publication. IIIprefixes Ch. It would have been interesting to know how similar proposals fare in other TB languages or branches.

TB sound system of PTB Overall, the reconstructed system is inherited from Benedict; changes are in the direction of replacing phonological or morphological problems with handbok variation hypotheses: As for pf, M. Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area 7, 2: The revised Conspectus took no notice. Matisoff presents a genetic tree for ST p.


IVmonophthongal and diphthongal rhymes Ch. No good parallels for ty Despite the methodological problems described earlier, TB reconstructions at times converge with OC reconstructions, more that M.

Handbook of Proto-Tibeto-Burman: System and Philosophy of Sino-Tibetan Reconstruction

System and philosophy of Sino-Tibeto-Burman Reconstruction. Weak semantics; vowel correspondence off see below at ‘red’, example Benedict and Matisoff could, and should, have used it, but Li’s system contained features that they could not accept, such as r-clusters in words which in their reconstruction of TB had no -r.

How can PST speakers have known writing brushes? Remember me on this computer. Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area 22, 2: The majority of the rime correspondences presented in the book appear credible at first sight, but the uncertainty on initial consonants and on tones below weighs on the comparisons.

Matisoff has no safeguards against loans. Moreover final -r in this word is a reconstructive error of Karlgren’s: This prroto-tibeto-burman volume is a clear and readable presentation of the current state of research on the history of the Tibeto-Burman TB language family, a typologically diverse group of over languages spoken in Southern China, the Himalayas, NE Proto-ttibeto-burman, and peninsular Southeast Asia.

State University of New York Press.