Read “Hardcourt Confidential Tales from Twenty Years in the Pro Tennis Trenches” by Patrick McEnroe with Rakuten Kobo. An entertaining and unfiltered look. I have been reading the new Patrick McEnroe/Peter Bodo book. I like it though it’s not as “confidential” (that’s in the title, “Hardcourt. In “Hardcourt Confidential,” Patrick McEnroe tells what the world of tennis is like, on and off the court. Read an excerpt of the book below, and.

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In Hardcourt ConfidentialMcEnroe uses his twenty-five-plus years in the trenches of the game to tell true tales and wild stories about the players you think you know from Sampras to Agassi to Roddick to the Williams sistershow and why the game has changed since he first swung a racket, and what the future holds in store for American tennis.

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Quotes from Hardcourt Confide In our match, Frana kept teeing off on Galby’s serve from his deuce court post, setting up John with break point after break point. And she’s a tennis player, not a prize fighter; she’s held to a different standard in a sport that still values grace and good manners. John apparently had little use for those kind of drills.

Buy this book Amazon. I do recall the PMac line about Melzer, that was funny.

‘Hardcourt Confidential’ by Patrick McEnroe – ABC News

Today’s players have to know how to turn the tables and seize the initiative from all points on the court. What do you do with any given ball? I wouldn’t even ask the player to fly or spend a night or two away from his family. Patrick saw his opportunity and took it, making himself the kinder, gentler version of John. I followed up by asking if anything had clicked in her head in the past twenty-four hours, to make her amend her original statement and add an apology.


Mary Jo is the Fed Cup captain, and she wasn’t willing to risk damaging her relationship with Serena by putting her on the spot—not with Serena having agreed to play the Fed Cup in a final against Italy later comfidential the year. She did it once again at the Australian Open, laying to rest the notion that she was number 1 only because Justine Henin of Belgium had taken a surprise leave of absence in the spring of We’re still not over the crazy hair, nail and makeup trends of There are definitely some interesting moments and well worth reading.

He knows Toni’s philosophy of the game, and what hardcoudt did to express it through Rafa. Any player in his right mind would give his eye teeth for a chance confidentixl call John his doubles partner.

Beyond rarely do I quit on a book, let alone one about tennis, but this was an outlier. But I’m still waiting for the incident in which a male player gets off lightly for physically menacing and threatening an official; there’s an order of magnitude issue here, and it was discouraging to see Serena reach for that sexist card. Three Sisters, Three Queens.

Hardcourt Confidential: Tales from Twenty Years in the Pro Tennis Trenches

Oh, so many good places to eat in Newport. Spadea is glib while PMac is guarded. Many of the fine French players bubbled up out of a state development program, while Roger Federer didn’t have an omnipresent coach-manager—nor did Lindsay Davenport, despite the critical role Lansdorp played in shaping her game.


John always played to win, and there’s a beautiful kind of integrity in that—it’s honest. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them.

He told him, “I need you to be a father, not my lawyer or manager. The wisdom of Jim’s decision was manifest in the French Open final of It offers some enormous advantages and power to do some good, or at least make people feel really good about, if nothing else, being tennis fans.

As a player, coach, and ESPN commentator, he’s seen it all. Those coaches are the ones who have the confiidential impact on these kids; if I’m going to take care of anyone first, it’s them.

But I should have a good, tough backup question ready to go, in the event that she stonewalled. Confidentisl everyone wants to be the chief, not the Indian. Clnfidential anyone in history ridden the coattails of a famous sibling farther than Patrick McEnroe?

I clutched the armrests with both hands, hoping that we’d make it home. Climate, California budget and more. First of all, there’s a big difference between a defensive pusher whose only real weapons are consistency and stamina the species is now extinct and a grinder, willing to do whatever it takes, all day, to get the job done. What makes Biblio different?

We were tight and bound together by tennis, something about which she knew nothing and couldn’t care less. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

I was used to it.