“Understanding Posology in Classical Homoeopathy” revised third international edition. By Farokh J . History of High Potency in Homoeopathy (p). On the. Introduction. Posology (from the Greek, posos, how much) mean the science or doctrine of dosage. Posology is the study of Law of Dosage. How have the concepts of homeopathic posology evolved with Hahnemann and over history to our current understanding on the subject.

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It is important not to interrupt this process, but allow the aggravation to play itself out.

The three remedies given in the order shown have proven to be very effective in most cases of homeopathkc. Some people benefit from taking the remedy daily.

When you no longer have any symptoms you may discontinue the remedy, and only resume if the symptoms start back up again. I find it very rare that a repetition of a remedy is needed during an acute illness. Children appear to tolerate high posokogy well due to their vitality, while old persons may not tolerate high potencies so well. I will close this article by giving my latest version of the LM potency instructions. I ask them to swish the liquid in their mouth for 15 to 20 seconds before swallowing each spoon.

My goal is to identify two or three symptoms that we can use as markers that will help us determine when you should repeat the remedy. My goal is to make the instructions clear and and understandable.

Very sensitive people can also triple or quadruple dilute. This is the way I have found to accomplish this goal. Give it about one hour away from meal times. Nature of Disease — Seat of disease, Nature of disease, Stage of disease. Is there exposure to chemicals?

When someone is highly sensitive they can overreact to the smallest stimulus, and can detect even a drop difference in the amount of the remedy given. When I do prescribe the mid-range remedies, I am using fewer pellets than I used to. I allow this initial reaction period to unfold without any interference.


Different people need different dosage posopogy depending upon their sensitivity to the remedy. Here are a few translations on Amazon. I am always giving the remedy diluted in water. The aggravations could be frightful, so I stuck with the low range, namely the 30C, C, and very rarely would I prescribe a 1M strength of the remedy.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the initial reaction period. If too much of the remedy is given they can have a strong aggravation. When it does so the symptoms may intensify for awhile homeopathif they get better.

A wonderful rule that I learned in the posology class that has helped me understand how to work with LM potencies better is a very simple one: You may drink regular water after that if you would like.

An LM1 potency corresponds to a 6C potency in posolog centesimal scale. Homeopathy for Health Deborah Olenev C. What kingdom does the remedy come from? After taking a remedy there is usually an initial reaction period that can last several weeks or months, depending upon how deeply rooted a symptom is. I used to feel sorry for them, thinking oh, too bad.

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He believed that you should not interrupt a dose that is still active. If you experience a strong aggravation of symptoms it can mean that you need to decrease the quantity of the dose the next time you take it. You can use a disposable cup if you wish. Here is a sample of a second prescription of a typical 30C strength remedy in a person with average sensitivity. Double dilute by taking one teaspoon or half a teaspoon or a quarter of a teaspoon from the stock bottle and putting it in 4 oz.

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These days I often prescribe the lower range of the centesimal scale remedies, rather than the mid- homeo;athic, as I would have in the past, and my clients are often healing without any aggravation at all. I tend not to go to higher potencies unless the person has worked up to it over time.

Once we have identified the two or three symptoms that we are using as markers, we watch these symptoms for evidence of relapse. Many people misinterpret this and regard the aggravation that occurs in the first few days or weeks after taking the remedy as a sign that the remedy is not working, and then change the remedy, or repeat it too soon. For very strong people I would use a 30C potency, or possibly a C.


These days I am using 6 to 8 pellets for most adults, as I find people tend to relapse too early when I use fewer pellets. When changes are taking place, whether you interpret them as good or bad, the rule is not to interfere, but watch and wait to see how things settle. If you experience an amelioration of symptoms after taking a remedy, you should not repeat the remedy until the symptoms that have gotten better have relapsed for four to five days.

We find out why. Is the disease of an insidious nature? You do this by hitting the bottle or jar against a book. What I found was that dry doses do tend to hold quite a bit longer than doses dissolved in water, but they can cause unnecessarily strong aggravations. Susceptibility depends on the following factors:. People did and do aggravate from these potencies, and I had grown to expect this as par for the course.

These directions are constantly evolving. Some people take the remedy once a month. Then a materialistic mind set set in and I began to increase the number of pellets gradually to 5, 6, 8 and even ten pellets for a dose.

If Hahnemann recommended using only 1 poppy seed sized granule dissolved in 7 or 8 TBS of waterwhich is about ml of homeopatgic, or 4 oz. It is normal for symptoms from the past to show up during the cycling process, but they should resolve on their own in a short time.