Hi, It seems MSDN does not have sufficient documentation on IExtractImage ( shell extension for generating custom thumbnail). So far, I already. The IExtractImage interface is used to request a thumbnail image from a Shell C# Definition: You can use this enum for the IExtractImage. I believe nearly all IExtractImage samples (you find searching) are based on this article’s code, due to naming convention, comments, and so on, that are carried.

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We appreciate your feedback. Forgot to close this thread.

: IExtractImage (Interfaces)

For example, a text file’s thumbnail should show a miniature version of the document, including its text. I’ll take your word on the memory issues.

I did the following experiment. All sizes are given in pixels. Set to a value above 0 to define a current page.

Is this page helpful? Compile error also jeffluckett 1-Mar Yes, it has to be that hard because the poster states they do not want to use third-party iextractimagf and they specifically want to use the Shell. It is also called when the last modified time of the image is later than that of the copy in the cache.

Here are the properties of the ThumbList user control: This is a good option if uextractimage want to use the control in a busy Web site because it will save CPU time iextrctimage increase resposiveness of the server however if you let the user to choose between various thumbnail sizes then many small files will be created in your hard disk. Unfortunately, DataList does not inherently support paging.


It sets the hdnCurPage hidden field’s value equal to the argument n page number. If you reload then the initial thumbdisplay. When i put the proporty to ‘true’ the command was executed normally.

The performance increase is probably related to the codes lack of enumerating over the shell folder’s objects. Article Alternatives Comments 97 Add your own alternative version Tagged as. I’m not the author of this article, but who cares, right? Windows could change the look of particular adornments at any time, so if you provided you own you would risk falling out of synch with the system. For example, if your root is c: Christian Nunciato 9, 1 28 Changing my accepted solution.

Do not apply overlays yourself. FromHbitmap static function to create the thumbnail FromHbitmap function comes from the base Image class, unfortunately by mistake it is not listed in the documentation of the Bitmap class.

The code below is a part of the ExtractThumbnail function that creates the thumbnail using the GetThumbnailImage of the Bitmap class. So, if anyone has found the solution to the broken image-problem, I’d be happy to listen.

C# get thumbnail from file via windows api – Stack Overflow

Please clarify that you want the file’s thumbnail and not the icon for the file’s type extension. The code I iectractimage as an answer actually works It dates from April An image is never scaled up in size as was the case in previous versions of Windows.


Can you point me to a walk-thru? The bevels are great. I encapsulated generation of thumbnails into a class since i can call it from many ASP. Would that be difficult? The user control implemented in ThumbList.

Thumbnail Handlers

I believe we should default the file’s type icon. The thumbnails are working now and explorer no longer crashes. Creation of the data source and databinding is implemented in the function BindThumbList listed below. You should see thumbnails of images residing in that directory. You can iextradtimage that we have flexibility for databinding expressions. Okay, thanks it works!

Generating thumbnails using IExtractImage

It is enougth use the memorystream and open bitmap using. Red Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

You can simply compile the C code to a class library and use it in your VB.