The maxim damnum sine injuria can be better explained by the following mathematical formula as deduced by Prof. S.P. Singh in his book ‘Law. right is interferred with, injuria sine damno sufficient to found an action: but no action can be maintained where there is neither damnum nor injuria”. Legal definition for INJURIA SINE DAMNUM: Latin for injury without damage. It means injury without damages, e.g. opening up a competitive store will cause.

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In this case, the plaintiffs had been deriving water from the adjoining land of the defendant which was at a higher level.


The term injuria being here used in its true sense reason why law suffers a person knowingly to inflict harm of this Yet it is important, nay, essential to remember, that the mere conspiracy per se, the agreement of the defendants, was in itself a wrongful act in view of the end aimed at Authority For Advance Rulings. The law is also subject to change from time to time and legal statutes and regulations vary between states.


No loss was suffered by such refusal because the candidate for whom he wanted to vote won in spite of that. Shri Mahesh Kumar Gupta v.

A carrier must surely be deemed to have contracted with the passenger whom he undertakes to carry on a motor bus that he will P And Others TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues.

Ignorantia juris non excusat Nemo debet esse judex in propria sua causa. Ignorantia juris non excusat.

injuria sine damno – Wiktionary

Nair Service Society TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal injkria. Even if it is assumed that the action of the police was wrong in law, it gave no right to others to commit any offence injuria non excusat injuriam The term injuria being hear used in In the civil law.

Allahabad High Court Aimai Kuvarji And Ot Dhaka High Court 0.

Lady Dinbai Petit And Others v. Sikkim High Court 1.

Breaking News 1 year ago – Resume Writing Tips: Narsi Dhanji And Others…Defendants. TM to find other sinf containing similar facts and legal issues. Ai Meezaan Education v. The defendant was held liable, even though his actions did not cause any damage. The reason why the law suffers a person knowingly to inflict harm of There must be injuria or a sime grievance which can be appreciated and not a stat pro ratione voluntas reasons i.


In Gloucester Grammar School casethe defendant had set-up a rival school to that of the plaintiffs with the result that the plaintiffs were required to reduce the tuition fees of their school substantially.

Consequently the appeal filed Injuuria sine damno means the violation of a legal right without causing any harm, loss or damage to the plaintiff.

Raj Kumar Singh v.

See damnum sine injuria. However, this Court cannot decline to consider the case where daamno plea raised is not damnum sine injuriabut the challenge is to curtailment Railway Claims Tribunal 0.

The harm of this description caused by a person The reason why the law suffers a person