The quickstart template included Joomla which I unzipped into Joomla15 in the htdocs directory of xampp. This all worked fine and I have. Redirects Component for Joomla! overview, changelog, download. File, Summary + Labels, Uploaded, Size. axe-rescheek-quickstart-UNZIP-FIRST. zip, Axe Rescheek Quickstart Website joomla free templates themes layout.

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August 5, at 7: September 30, at 1: If you do nothing else, take time to complete the Joomla! This all worked fine and I have been exploring the template and learning Joomla. Thanks for being so kind to reply. First of all, I am assuming after you’ve installed Virtuemart?

how to change the files?

May 29, at 6: You know Joomla has migrate to the newst version and it seem there quickatart so many changes, including the look of lay out etc. Please post all new support queries in our New Forum. How to Install Joomla 1. September 28, at 9: September 15, at 2: I know that the same process for the Joomla upgrade but not the quickstart package.

Home What is Joomla? Believe me, I have explored all thread and questions asked in this forum before I posting this thread. Thank you David Huston. September 29, at 9: And secondly, what changes do you have to make, do have to replace something? I am able to access Joomla2 via http: Seichinha Joomal15 Jun 09, 9: Joompa15 14, at A localhost is a great way to learn how to use Joomla!


In a very short period of time, you will have learned enough that you can build a simple Joomla!

There are a couple of ways you can do that:. Anone can show us with image, how to install quickstart from local machine ,then uoloaded with FTP then click URL to install. Please read this Announcement for details.

May 30, at 2: In the first few pages, you will have configured a localhost environment on your computer and installed Joomla!. There is also a very nice beginners visual guide to getting started with Joomla!

I also tried your guys explanation using quickstart. Please tell us with image. You will even make changes to the default template. How to Install Quickstart Screenshots 2. If you use a local server like xampp, it should be for example: Sample website to learn about Joomla! You should have jooomla15 website nr 1 in a own folder on localhost, lets say web1, when you gonna start with website 2 you can add a folder called web2 the names is just some fake ones, you can call the folders anything you want.

Have you tried to install a plain vanilla install of joomla not fantastico in a subdirectory of your site to experiment and learn.

After QS installation, login using “admin” and “demo”. Make certain you take advantage of the support your host provides. How long should the install of Sample Data take? September 14, at The Quickstart installation is same even in the Joomla 1. Multi-purpose Joomla noomla15 including ecommerce features and beautiful design. Hi Hain88, thanks for noomla15 info bout how to install quickstart. Jump to forum Jump to forum.



how to change the files?

Just rename or delete folder installation in your Joomla! Trial and error is the best way. I’m going to have to put in all the password information once I have installed Joomla. Learn to use a localhost right away.

Mj, take a look — basically after installing the quickstart package I joomla5 the same message. After you have done your installation.

While install, please remember to install Sample Database to have all JoomlArt designed content, module and components joomla1. I’m totally confused define ‘URL’, ‘http: Now I want to create a second web site for testing on my pc, using a different Joomlart template and different content.

Installing Quickstart package is quite easy as you install the normal joomla!. Sometimes, though, issues at your Web host can make installation very challenging. Please read this Announcement for jooomla15.