The story centred around Janos “Juan” Moricz, an aristocratic Argentinian- Hungarian entrepreneur who claimed that he had discovered a series of tunnels in. Juan Moricz believed that history lacks global vision; that, after the Deluge, the so -called New World of the Americas became the mother of civilization and that. It was in that Stan Hall, guided by the Ecuadorian explorer Juan Moricz, organized an expedition to survey the entire cave system of.

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Anselm Pi Rambla – Tayos Caves

Lawrence Austine Waddell who reproached linguists for basing the transcriptions of Mesopotamian Sumerian texts on the Assyrian language. The Secrets of the Kabbalists Garden. We thus have to conclude first that the founders of the first high culture on earth, the Sumerians, originated in Transylvania and second that Sumerians emigrated in several waves back to the Carpathian basin. It was also believed that extra-terrestrial creatures live in these caves.

Egyptian Egyptian texts, also, used simplified pictures, developing later a simplified form of lettering called hieroglyphs made from the pictures. Although the Hall expedition failed in its attempt to discover the Metal Library, it did establish beyond doubt that an extensive system of underground tunnels did exist, and that these tunnels were artificially constructed.

Sumerian The texts we call Sumerian were written in pictographs for older texts and cuneiform writing for younger texts.

Moricz and Jaramillo had both died. It is a language which developed steadily and firmly in itself, and in which there are logic and mathematics with the adaptability and malleability of strength and chords.

InHall, who also met Moricz, organised an expedition of over a hundred people that included the astronaut Neil Armstrong, to explore the Tayos Caves in Ecuador. The errors in the transliteration-translation process understandably evolve a language that does not resemble any known language – truly a language without relatives!

However, some scientists are taking a new look at these remedies because some are believed to hold the key to fighting deadly diseases and infections. Ex-member of the Academy of Sciences of Hungary.


The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts. From Jaramillo, Hall was able to learn the true story of the Tayos library—which was not in the Cueva de los Tayos at all!

Today they relate it clearly with the Magyar, Finno-Ugrian or Ural-Altaic languages but still call this language Sumerian. Whereas the Hungarian language is like a rubble-stone, consisting of only one piece, on which the storms of time left not a scratch. On the floor of this small room there are two square slabs each side half a meter.

So apparently, there are many different views, with some evidences and it seems impossible to find out the complete truth, but these theories seem fascinating, I could spend weeks trying to gather all the information about just one of these. In a newspaper in Ecuador published the story of the discoveries.

The Grave That Heals: Wilkins discussed these ancient tales at length over sixty years ago [ ]. Our only recourse is that we establish what sound-values some of the words had in Greek times, as far as this is possible.

At present some of these artefacts are stored in the church of Maria Auxiliadora in Cuenca. Had History given them another morricz years they would have formed a great unitary nation centered around Gallia and Hungary. In that respect we are still completely in the dark.

At the far end of the cave, they found six water-tight doors made of enormous blocks of stone. He was willing to meet me, and stated that he needed three days to fill me in.

What is surprising about his affirmation is, not only his precise identification, but that it completely destroyed the hypothesis morica the fraud.

Many wild claims have been made about this strange assortment, including a link with Atlantis. He received a permanent post at the University morkcz Amsterdam.

Tayos Gold Library – Magyars & Moricz

The rumors of artificial tunnels morivz existed deep beneath the ground did not begin with Juan Moricz. Present transcribed texts are unsuitable for linguistic studies, a problem appreciated by A. Cuneiform signs usually mark only the consonants, which may be read without knowing the real Sumerian language, but neither exposes the nouns nor how to break the text into words.


Aerial photograph of the area where the real cave is located.

The Cave of the Tayos

Alexander Csoke Schlossberg Austria: Artificial caves built by an unknown civilization or natural caves? From these facts and not from nationalistic reasonsthe Hungarian Continuity Theory HCT can be formulated as follows:. After a few meters, a long upward stairway goes toward a new main, horizontal, extremely narrow passageway approximately over a meter and a half tall, that advances in a spiral. Specialised in the cultures of Mesopotamia, Palestine, and Anatolia Turkey.

He who will solve that will analyze a divine secret, the first thesis of which is: However, it was in that the expedition had a major setback. The only thing I ask is that you do not publish absolutely anything you have seen nor anything that I have been explaining. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

We seek to retell the story of our beginnings. From here it is necessary to penetrate the opening that is guided toward the South. Among the collection is what appears to be a parapegmata or calendar of a type developed in Greece in the 5 th century BC. All photographs copyright of Stan Hall.

Few, if any, have been read. Crespi knew that some of the artifacts offered to him were modern, made by locals who were able to get a little bit of charitable assistance while preserving their dignity. Jaramillo and Hall became friends, though both agreed Jaramillo would not prematurely reveal the location of the site. He was apparently iuan friendly terms with the local Shuar population, who invited him to see a secret in gratitude for the kindness and goodness he had shown towards the tribe.

The organizer was Dr. Bowring, when he talks about language thinks of the vocabulary, according to the practice of his day.