India’s political instability is the backdrop and catalyst for Maya’s awakening to the world. KARMA is the story of how a young woman, straddling two cultures and. Karma is the story of how she straddles two cultures, endures Karma. Front Cover. Cathy Ostlere. PRH Canada Young Readers, Mar It is , and fifteen-year-old Maya is on her way to India with her father. She carries with her the ashes of her mother, who has recently committed suicide, and .

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Born to a Hindu mother and a Sikh father, Maya follows elements of both religions and cultures. Oct 31, Book Concierge rated it liked it Shelves: They are the only non-Christians and are very isolated. Learn more about how we support creative nonfiction writers here.

The story is filled with love, hate, hope, despair, courage and weakness, grief and happiness. A seriously amazing book on a topic I knew nothing about.

Read the comparison of balancing acts on my Blog. Maya is justifiably frozen by fear as the horrors take place, but she later thinks ostldre how many lives could have been saved if the bystanders spoke up.

Ostlere’s ‘Karma’ is a once-in-a-lifetime book – News18

Oct 20, Kevin Kuehn rated it it was amazing. This book also shed light on historical events in India that I had no idea that they occurred. On the night they arrive, the prime minister is killed in her own garden by her Sikh guards I was immediately drawn into Cathy Ostlere’s stunning debut novel, Karma, written in free verse and set in India during the turbulent period immediately after the assassination of Indira Gandhi in It took me about ten pages to get into the “voice” of the author but after that I fell in love with it.


Sandeep helps reunite Maya with her father, but they must pay the price with separation.

KARMA — a novel-in-verse

Her parents story is very much a “Romeo and Juliet” story, a recurring theme throughout the novel. In Septembera family waits for an overseas call that never comes.

But, Czthy flipped through the book and it seemed to merely have the structure of poetry and not much beyond that, so I gave it a shot, and I’m so glad that I did.

I think I automatically assume that I’m going to have to decipher a bunch of figurative language and other caathy I don’t really need to mess with in the same manner when reading a A bright pink cover kept catching my eye whenever I’d be in the library at work, and eventually I went over, picked it up, and discovered Karma.

The characters voice judgements of the Indian culture that struck me as the authors voice rather than authentic to the characters that she had created. I spent some time wondering who Fiva was until I remembered the same thing happened to me the first time I read Karma as well. The story of Maya Jiva and Sandeep is a love story. Sandeep is a desert boy, the moment he sees the silent sad Maya knows that she is his mirage. View all 3 comments.

Karma by Cathy Ostlere

I dont find religions all that interesting and had real trouble continuing with this book. Overall I actually kinda liked it.

This initiative of the Ontario Library Association OLA offers eight reading programs to encourage a love of reading in people of all ages. Want to Read saving…. Karma is written in a free verse poetry format, which gives the story a lighter, romantic and mythical quality. About Amy Amy Mathers has been passionate about reading from a very young age, and hopes others will share her enthusiasm for funding a teen book award.


No understatement here to state that I loved this book. They story is very gripping. She grows and learns the true meaning of life, love and When a fifteen-year-old girl’s mother dies, she and her father return to India.

It was both interesting and enlightening. In the middle Sandeep fills in with his observations of the elusive girl. And as it turns out, so is death. This historical fiction romance in diary-format free verse will have you turning pages back again and again to reread Maya and Sandeep’s words and longing for more after the end.

Child of the desert, an orphan adopted, maverick and Maya’s unlikely hero.

Thus begins a journey in the desert to find a new place for Maya. A strong recommendation for everybody and especially if you have spent are or planning to spend any time in India.

She writes down the unfolding of these horrific events in her diary. Different and really pulled you into the lives of the characters.

There’s peace all over this land. Toward the end of the novel, Maya resumes the narration. Your email address will not be published. Event 34 Thursday, October 23, – Watch GLUE here and be amazed. I always hate people killing people for no reason other than they are part of a group that the killers don’t like.