Kathrein parabolic antennas are made of aluminium and . EXR Single-cable switching matrix with two twin outputs for two receivers;. Therefore exclusively use software provided by Kathrein for your switching matrix (EXR or EXR ) from Kathrein, the LNB you use. If you use a single-cable matrix (EXU ) or a single-cable changeover matrix ( EXR or EXR ) from Kathrein, the LNB you use must be a “Universal.

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Audio connections are made to Hi-Fi or Dolby Digital system as appropriate kxthrein. When you have configured all receivers to their infrared code, do the following to switch between units on the remote control: Transmission frequency Use the numeric pad to input the four-digit transmission frequency.

Use the buttons here to select the settings for your TV set.

Full text of “Kathrein UFS si Satellite TV System User Manual”

Preface For shorter breaks, you can use the remote control to switch the receiver to standby, which uses only a minimal amount of energy. Also katnrein attention to the bars at the bottom of the on-screen display!

Use the Q0 buttons to select “Yes, save changes” and confirm by pressing pip the okJ button.

Messages here provide information on what to do next. The selected menus, sub-menus and positions, as well as the parameters to be set, are each highlighted in colour. Press the J button to call up the edit menu and use the QQ buttons to select the “Remove from Favorites List” function.

Kathrein UFS 740sw Operating Manual

Page 15 Use the buttons to select whether to replace the default channel list with one kathrfin for Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Italy. The following display appears see katrein page: Four single, two single and one twin, or two twin receivers, can be operated at the same time from the output of a EXR Enter text from picture: A These channels are always encrypted.


Confirm your selection with the button. Don’t have an account?

For programmes broadcast in multiple languages, the audio PD can be entered manually to assign a different language to the TV programme. If you set the network search to “On”, the transponder network enables additional transponders that have not yet been stored to be located. Select the signal that your TV set can process. If you are unsure whether you chose the right option from a previous menu, you can go FAV back a step at any time during the First Installation process by pressing the red button.

If a programme provider is broadcasting several TV channels via a digital transponder, we refer to the provider’s channel package. These receivers are available in silver or black housings. This is because these shut down unsuitable or incorrectly set receivers and in this way, ensure continued operation and the function of all the other connected receivers. If you have changed settings, compare them against the basic settings provided you had made a note of them as suggested.

Repairs Ensure that any repairs to your unit are carried out by qualified personnel. The following table shows which functions are available at each configuration step.


TV Program Guide Cm Continue by selecting the item Execute Channel search. As soon as you leave the current display, this option lapses and becomes available again only after the edit menu has been called up and an action selected. Display cover folded down 3. When zapping the channels this channel will in future be skipped and no longer shown in the channel list called up using the ok button.


Do not connect the receiver to the power supply until all installation work has been properly carried out. Factory Default When you have made your settings, use the to start updating.

The following display appears: Do not connect the unit to the ksthrein supply until all installation work has been properly carried out. When doing this, refer to the operating instructions for your recorder! Moisture, sunlight, heat, naked flames Protect the unit against moisture, kwthrein and splashed water do not place any filled objects such as vases on top of the unit. If no connection to the single-cable system could be established, you will receive the message: Selection is performed using the Q0 buttons and is confirmed using the ok button.

Satellite Use the buttons to select the satellite on which the transponder you wish to scan is located.

You can hide the additional information by pressing the Q button again. First however the channel must be selected. The channel you previously selected is now shown with a padlock to its right.

Restricted Area

The recording mode options available are: Q clou The receiver will automatically display the selection menu for the channel search. You can select a number from one to four satellites to be received. The Q button allows you to delete your entry character by character. The guidance given in the “First Installation” section assumes that the receiver has been properly connected, as per the “Safety Instructions” and “Connection and Set-Up” sections.

Press the red button to call up the favourites list selection.