Keratinophilic Fungi: Nature’s Keratin Degrading Machines! Their Isolation, Identification and Ecological Role. Rahul Sharma is presently working on his PhD on. Keratinophilic fungi are ecologically an important group of fungi which could be found in soil [1]. Some groups of these fungi are causative. Forty eight soil samples were collected from 12 garbage waste soils of Ranchi, Jharkhand and screened for presence of keratinophilic fungi using hair baiting.

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Penicillium ranked secondly among the most common from the other keratinophilic fungi genera. Out of the 20 isolates of the M. Occurrence of pathogenic fungi in soil of burrows of rats and of other sites in bamboo plantations in India and Nepal. Keratinophilic fungi isolated from soils of Mumbai, India. Isolation of Keratinophilic fungi from different places in Jhansi India. Shiraz is one of the most populous cities of Iran and the capital of Fars province which is located in the southwest of Iran.

Sample Collection In this descriptive study, soil samples were collected from various sites of 43 different parks around Shiraz during spring A high prevalence of M. In conclusion, highest fungal diversity 20 species was recorded from Red sea samples followed by Qena 18 and Aswan 17 while the lowest fungal diversity 16 was recorded from Sohage samples.

Many keratinophilic fungi frequently parasitize keratinous tissue, viz. It was represented by 3 species and 1 variety, of which A. View at Google Scholar S.

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How to cite this article: Biology of dermatophytes and othe keratinophilic fung. Qatar Univ Sci Bull. Besides, eight species of Microsporum gypseum were isolated from four parks with soil pH between seven and nine and two species of Microsporum fulvum from one park with the same pH. Keratinophilic fungi are ecologically an important group of fungi which could be found in soil [ 1 ].


Measuring of Soil pH PH of each soil sample was measured after preparation of soil suspension one gram of soil to five mL deionized water using pH meter [ 1719 ].

Thus, the present study aimed to isolate and identify keratinophilic fungi from soil of the popular parks in Shiraz by molecular and morphological analysis. Isolation of dermatophytes and other keratinophilic fungi from the vicinity of saltpan soils of mumbai India.

The types of soil samples collected are shown in the table 1. So, fungal infections could acquire or spread through playgrounds in parks. Invasive infections in normal patients are usually caused by traumatic implantation. Dargahi, The survey of pathogenic fungi and actinomycetes from soils of Ghazvin [Ph.

Maghraby found M. These fungi were isolated previously from hairs of large mammals or feathers of poultry and human Aho, ; Abdel-Hafez,; Ali-Shtayeh, ; Alghalibi, Microscopically numerous, thin, rough-walled, and relatively longish and bullet shaped macroconidia Fig. J Infect Dev Ctries. Nondermatophytic filamentous keratinophilic fungi and their role in human keratinophjlic pp.

These findings have been confirmed by other studies as well.


Other keratinophilic fungal species 4 genera were also isolated, of which Aspergillus was isolated in high frequency of occurrence. The keratinophilic fungi in India were isolated from various habitats viz.


The genus Chrysosporiumits physiology and biotechnological potential; pp. Please review our privacy policy. A survey of soil inhabiting dermatophytes and related keratinophilic fungi of India. Open in a separate window.

The plates were incubated at room temperature on the laboratory bench under normal light. Keratinophilic fungi, Microsporum gypseumM. This report represents the first study of keratinophilic fungi present in soils of Jamaica. Form and function in the evolution of dermatophytes. El-Sharonyand Mohmaed A.

Diversity of Keratinophilic Fungi on Human Hairs and Nails at Four Governorates in Upper Egypt

GherbawyThanaa A. The present study is the first of its kind from Jamaica. During the past years, many researchers reported about isolation of keratinophilic fungi around the world [ 5 — 14 ]. Although, the study of keratinophilic fungi is a challenging task we have put our efforts to isolate keratinophilic fungi from few places of Jhansi. Studies on fungi isolated from dermatomycoses patients in Egypt.

Zoophilic and geophilic fungi as cause of skin diseases in farmer. Macroconidia of a soil isolate of M. It was represented by 2 species and 1 unidentified species of which A. In another study from Brazil 2the majority of the isolates of M. Many researchers stated that keratinophilic fungi could not be found in the soils with low pH levels 3—4.