Kip Thorne, the physicist who wrote the book on black holes (and time warps), discusses the new physics he’s most excited about, and exactly. Black Holes & Time Warps has ratings and reviews. Kip Thorne, author of Black Holes and Time Warps, is one of three Nobel laureates for Physics. Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein’s Outrageous Legacy. Kip S. Thorne, Author, Stephen Hawking, Introduction by W. W. Norton & Company $30 (p).

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Anyone who struggled with that book will find here a more slowly paced but equally mind-stretching experience, with the added fascination of a rich historical and human component. Available Our Retail Price: He is one of the leaders in proposing interstellar travel. Kip Anx, the Feynman Professor of Physics at Caltech, is best known to the general public for his wormhole “time machine” proposal.

If we look at the light of a star with high precision, we note that if the sun’s edge passes near the position of that star, the star’s light will be offset from where it would otherwise be, shifting the position of that star in relation to all the other stars seen in that part of the sky.

On gravity, we know that mass attracts matter and energy, but what is it about mass that gives it the power to attract? A trip to the center of the Milky Way at light speed would only be 30 years for the voyagers but many thousands of years would pass on earth, many iip more for the return trip!

This book is one of the finest timr I have come across till date in terms of the content and clarity for any layman with an interest in Physics.

Black Holes & Time Warps: Einstein’s Outrageous Legacy

Thanks for telling us about the problem. In a parallel universe, one in which my math skills were quite a bit better, I would have become a physicist and joined in the effort to understand everything.

I love how the history of the gravitational physics is presented and the culture of physics and physicists. A reference book of popular science on relativity,black holes,wormholes,time machines and its history. By introducing quantum behavior to curved spacetimeseveral physicists have kil that black holes do not possess a true mathematical singularity, but rather a region of chaotic space, in which kjp does not exist. Jan 29, Karl rated it really liked it Shelves: Is it matter, energy or something else common to both?

The text flows well and it is tine engrossing. In this book, Thorne tried to write a pop-science book giving the state of play in theoretical astrophysics inso obviously a bit dated but at the same time making it accessible to the non-practitioner.

In this universe, I am limited to satisfying my curiosity with physics books written for the lay reader. Other experiments that don’t involve a multi-billion-dollar machine have also searched for the “bulk,” but so far those have turned up nothing. In a tucked away hole, Thorne restates Einstein’s formula that mass and energy “are really different names for the same concept.


Relativity is bpack I had read Einstein’s book “The Evolution of Physics” reviewed and with the introduction that he supplied, felt I was ready to fall into black holes. I only had difficulty in the last chapter where he goes into time machines. Would highly recommend to anyone with even a passing interest in the subjects it tackles.

Jun 05, Clif rated it really liked it. Thorne’s subject is relativity and space-time – the book is subtitled “Einstein’s outrageous legacy” – and he traces its development from the discoveries that led Einstein to formulate the warpx of relativity, right down to present day speculations many of them due to him about the possibility of time travel.

It is an eye-opening book for gravitational physics, even for physics students trained in GR as it covers very broad topics and development of general relativity and black hole physics.

Toward timf end of the text, Thorne deals with the much more speculative question of the nature of the core of a black hole; the so-called gravitational singularity predicted by Einstein’s field equations.

And ki the last decade, particularly the last five years, thanks to supercomputer calculations, we’ve begun to learn about space-time when it is behaving hholes it’s in a storm. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The first part of the book describes theory of relativity, concept of spacetime fabric of the universe and curvature of spacetime in presence of matter stars, galaxies, etc.

You’ve come to the right place. Physicists and academics are too conservative to get involved in space travel research as it is traditionally linked to science fiction and Star Trek junkies. Ehrlich, author of The Population Bomb More. She’d really like to know what the heck dark matter is. We get rare first hand insights of scientific styles and temperament, and his personal involvement in various aspects of black holes research and his interaction with scientists all over the annd especially those from former Soviet Union and the impact of communism on black hole research.

The behavior of this space and the material which approaches it are not well understood, with a complete marriage of relativity and quantum physics yet to be achieved. I found the book as interesting as many spy stories, and have only given it 4 stars instead of 5 because I had hoped to learn something about time loops from it, which was not really touched on despite mention in the description. I recommend this to almost everyone, Has a lot of concepts cleared, Love the Astronaut Story in the beginning, Thorbe concepts put in the most elegant way, Must read for everyone, After reading this book In this book, especially the short story prologue, we can get a ajd of the singularity from which that film sprung.

I have to say, after reading a few other popular science works on cosmology, Thorne has a unique way of keeping the subject clear, and building kp real suspense into the discovery and understanding of each new step along the way. Then there is a chapter on gravity waves, one on different ways blzck considering black holes, one on the discovery that black holes can evaporate, and one on the interior of black holes and the problem of singularities.

‘Black Holes and Time Warps’ |

B,ack had to chuckle when Thorne would describe untold hours and even years of work being upset like this: Theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, who helped bring real science to the movie “Interstellar. My favorite parts of the book are those when he details how a particular discovery is made, pointing which parts of the scientist’s thinking was correct, and which was incorrect.


This has turned out to be a perfect way to start my new year along with the wonderful discoveries of gravitational waves from merging black holes and neutron stars in the last couple of years. Retrieved from ” https: There is a sudden improvement as soon as the account turns to the renewed research into black holes following the end of the Second World War, holws once Thorne himself becomes kkip during the sixties.

It’s written in a way that’s fairly easy to understand, but the theories themselves were giving me a hard time. So impressive was his work that astronomers from the Yerkes Observatory traveled to visit him.

Black Holes and Time Warps – Wikipedia

I have always been interested in anything related to quantum physics. By signing up you agree to W. Whether I read more on the subject is yet to be seen. Thorne mentioned specifically the work of physicists Lisa Randall at Harvard and Raman Sundrum at the University of Maryland, who have proposed that the bulk might be blacck scientists can detect through experiments.

Thorne overcomes this without beating the reader to death with equations by eloquently explaining the reasoning behind the theory, including what problem it was trying to solve, what alternatives there might have been, or what objections were raised.

When Thorne timme “Black Holes and Time Warps” in the early ’90s, he and other theorists believed that falling into a black hole resulted in death by a process called “spaghettification” or “the noodle effect,” in which a person would be stretched and squeezed until his or her body resembled a very long string of pasta.

There are problems in this book too, particularly the dull first half. I this book,after a introductin as a sf short tale where a spaceship goes to the evet horizon of different sizes of black holes to investigate,the author explains clearly the principle of relativity is to say that the physical laws are the same in all inertial reference frames,this priciple is warpw origin of the thlrne relativity theory the special relativity theory could have been discovered many years before because the Maxwell equation for a electromagnetic wave is invariant under Lorentz transformations and not in galilean xnd this sense the electromagnetic theory by Maxwell is the first classic field relativistic theory second the equivalence principle that is gime origin of the generl theory of relativity where the spacetime is curved by the presence of matter and energy and the light follows thornee ,the short lines between two points that are not in this case straight lines,for example in a sphere surface the geodesics are maximun circles or meridians.