03 Kuji-In Mastery – The Power of Manifestation by – Free to get to know yourself by observing yourself in a “third person” perspective. Buy Kuji-In 3, Kuji-In Mastery: The Power of Manifestation at Kuji-In Master Maha Vajra, shares a 15 part seminar on the mastery of Kuji-In, relating to the states of Kuji-In. Teacher’s Guide [Maha Vajra] *FREE* Kuji-In 3.

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We are acutely aware of this center in times of stress, when it pours adrenaline into the blood stream to aid us in fighting or fleeing. These different energy systems are really describing the same thing, only from the perspective of different cultures. Major Works” would be a good muji-in to start.

Kuji-In Mastery: The Power of Manifestation (Kuji-in Trilogy 3/3)

When we first become one with “God”, “the Force”, “Infinity”, etc. Un Maetery Mystique au Coeur Couronne. People who come to Earth from this realm are gifted souls who need to watch out for the temptation of self-aggrandizement or their abilities will be merely stumbling stones upon their path. There can also be energy imbalances that result from incorrect application of a discipline or technique.

The adrenal glands are located on top of the kidneys. Check your Magus-itis at the door.

Hyper-thyroidism, or overactive thyroid, may result from the misuse of the will for selfish and domineering purposes. In kujiin Jin mudra, the small, ring and middle fingers are interlaced with the tips touching. Ultimately to get the real deal on any of this material requires initiation. My library Help Advanced Book Search. All matter consists of energy waves and all matter is being continuously re-created!


Second, I change the mantras to my own native kuji–in English. People who come to Earth from this realm seem peculiar to others and are many times misunderstood. In the Indian energy system the basic energy is called Prana and the breathing practices used to concentrate and channel Prana are called Pranayama. In other words, “do it right” the first time through. Third, I use the chakras and the corresponding endocrine centers as the focus points.

It carries the prestige of over 47 years of retail experience.

So it depends on what you search, if it is to learn Kuji-in, or to dive in the Japanese culture with Kuji-In, or something else. And these results have had a profound masterry on my life and the lives of those around me.

Books by Maha Vajra (Author of Kuji-Kiri and Majutsu)

According to Edgar Cayce, if this gland is the highest gland activated during a person’s life, they will transition to the realm of Neptune at death. Illumination is the highest state of mind. Also, he gives tools emotional integration to observe whatever arises from this practice, and I found it useful, because when the energy is high, emotions and situations arise. If you want to know, you should watch some of his videos on YouTube, do the things he suggests, and see if you get a result yourself.

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Rin is associated with the first or root chakra, with strength of body and mind. It is through the energy of the pituitary gland that one may enter the very presence of God through meditation and prayer.

With practice and self purification, kuji-ih may become the whole dog. Physiologically, they are two types of glands. As you activate this center, you may have to confront any unresolved issues you have with love, compassion, jealousy, nastery, relationships and fascination with the opposite sex. The reason is that the finger mastey are the termination points of meridians. The Biology of Kundalini Amazon Link is the most comprehensive and useful discussions of kundalini from a western perspective.


Observe the color and how it may change with practice. The lowest endocrine gland in our body, the sexual glands, is associated with the lowest afterlife realm in the hierarchy of Spirit realms.

Does anybody know if Maha Vajra is a reliable source? : occult

This chakra is associated with the upper dantian energy reservoir in the Chinese energy system and the energy is called shen. When little effort is made to exercise the will at all, the result can be hypo-thyroidism. According to Cayce, the pineal gland is situated a little above the pituitary gland and is the so-called “Mind of Christ” gland.

The index finger touches the web between the middle and ring finger on both hands. It is similar to the afterlife realm which is known by Catholics as purgatory, a place of cleansing, purification and starting over.

You may also have to address any issues, preconceptions, blocks or biases that you may have toward psychic and intuitive experiences. Visualize and feel a very bright light radiating from your throat. I know of two sources for Kuji-In only: The chakra associated with Retsu is the seventh chakra.