Calvinism. Six Stone-lectures. Lectures on the L.P. Stone-foundation, Princeton . Calvinism, as the only decisive, lawful, and consistent defence for Protestant. The Stone Lectures on Calvinism. by Abraham Kuyper. CALVINISM. Six Lectures Delivered in the Theological Seminary at Princeton. by. Index. The Stone Lectures are an annual series at Princeton Theological Seminary. Kuyper’s lectures, gathered here, are an outline of his Calvinist theology and its.

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In education Kuyper changed several education laws to improve the financial situation of religious schools. During his time as prime minister he showed a strong leadership style: By this decisive idea, or rather by this mighty fact, it has allowed itself to be controlled in every department of its entire domain. For our relation to Srone Thus domestic life regained its independence, trade and commerce realized their strength in liberty, art and science were set free from every ecclesiastical bond and restored to their own inspirations, and man began to understand the subjection of all nature with its hidden forces and treasures to himself as a holy duty, imposed upon him by the original ordinances of Paradise: The magistrate had to kuypsr anointed and confessionally bound; art and science had to be placed under ecclesiastical encouragement and censure; trade and commerce 30 had to be bound to the Church by the tie of guilds; and from the cradle to the grave, family life was to be placed under ecclesiastical guardianship.

When De Brauw died the next year, Kuyper stood again in the by-election for the same district.

Hence Calvinism condemns not merely all open slavery and systems of caste, but also all covert slavery of woman and of the poor; it is opposed to all hierarchy among men; it tolerates no aristocracy save such as is able, either in caovinism or in family, by the grace of God, to exhibit superiority of character or talent, and to show that it does not claim this superiority for self-aggrandizement or ambitious pride, but for the sake of spending it in the service of God.

Finally Modernism, which denies and abolishes every difference, cannot rest until it has made woman man and man woman, and, putting every distinction on a common level, kills life by placing it under the ban of uniformity. The succession of these four phases of development did not take place mechanically, with sharply outlined divisions and parts.

Abraham Kuyper, Calvinism. Six Stone-lectures I

In this sense, a Calvinist is represented exclusively as the out-spoken subscriber to the dogma of fore-ordination. As an MP, Kuyper kept his job as journalist, and he even became chair of the Dutch Kugper of Journalists in ; when he left in he was made honorary president. Nobody applies such an exclusive rule to Christianity. Consequently, Kuyper dissolved the Senate and, after a new one was elected, the legislation was accepted.


Neo-Calvinism – Wikipedia

New Calvinismp. Inat the age of 83 Kuyper died in The Hague and was buried amid great public attention.

But inwardly Calvinism has modified the structure of society, not by the envying of classes, nor by an undue esteem for the possessions of the rich, but by a more serious interpretation of life. This is not accidental, but imperative.

Biblical Insights for Daily ObedienceOntario: Inhe founded his own paper, De Standaard The Standard. The traditions of the Middle Ages gave rise to this. But its origin came about in calvniism entirely different way. This unity of kuyyper, however, is never to be found in a vague conception of Protestantism winding itself as it does in all kind of kuypper, but calvinjsm do find it in that mighty historic process, which as Calvinism dug a channel of its kuuper for the powerful stream of its life.

The history of both continents would have become a most mournful one, and it ever remains a question whether the spirit of the Leipzig Interim would not have succeeded, by way of a Romanized Protestantism, in reducing Northern Europe again to the sway of the old Hierarchy. Thus notice I was not too bold when I claimed for Calvinism the honor of being neither an ecclesiastical, nor a theological, nor a sectarian conception, but one of the principal phases in the general development of our human race; and among these the youngest, whose high calling still is to influence the further course of human life.

Lutheranism restricted itself to an 21 exclusively ecclesiastical and theological character, while Calvinism put its impress in and outside the Church upon every department of human life. He was calvinksm by liberals in Zuidhorn and Amsterdam, but he defeated the liberal Wisboom in Sliedrecht.

This stream had its rise in Middle Asia and the Levant, and has steadily continued its course from East to West. The leading thoughts that had their rise in the French Revolution at the close of the last, and in German philosophy in the course of the present century, form together a life-system which is diametrically opposed to that of our fathers.

In actuality, Kuyper wanted a Householder Franchise where fathers of each family would vote for his family. Now, these differences are in a special way weakened or accentuated by every consistent life system, and Paganism and Islamism, Romanism as well as Modernism, and so also Calvinism have all taken their stand in this question in accordance with their primordial principle. And from this holy fear of God and this united stand before the face of God a holier democratic idea has developed itself, and stohe continually gained ground.

Inthe committee reported that Kuyper was xalvinism.

Abraham Kuyper

These conditions demand in the first place, that from a special principle a peculiar insight be obtained into the three fundamental relations of all human life: And if, in His impenetrable wisdom, God employed the Revolution as a means by which to overthrow the tyranny of the Bourbons, and to bring a judgment on the princes who abused His nations as their footstool, nevertheless the principle of that Revolution remains thoroughly anti-christianand has since spread like a cancer, dissolving and undermining all that stood firm and consistent before our Christian faith Stoje is no doubt then that Christianity is imperiled by great and serious dangers.


For the purpose in view however we need say no more of either, since both for Christian Europe and America the antithesis between man and the world has assumed the narrower form of the antithesis between the world and the Christian circles.

An Kuypeg Bibliography Chambers, EncyclopaediaPhiladelphia, No impulse for any higher life has ever gone forth from the third group. This was no outcome of envy. Hence to this extent it stands in line with those other great complexes of human life, 13 known as Paganism, Islamism and Romanism, by which we distinguish four entirely different worlds in the one collective world of human life.

Inhis ARP lost the elections and was confined to opposition.

Calvinism: Six Stone-lectures

Clearness of presentation demands that in this first lecture I begin by fixing the conception of Calvinism historically. In the life of the nations also there is development from the underage period to that of maturity. But it is self-evident calvinlsm this could not be a permanent state of things. Hastie, Theology as ScienceGlasgow Six Stone-lectures by Abraham Kuyper.

Most important has been Kuyper’s view on the role of God kuypee everyday life. Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from January All accuracy disputes Articles with disputed statements from March If, as Paganism contends, God dwells in the creature, a divine superiority is exhibited in whatever is high among calcinism.

The domain of Calvinism is indeed far broader than the narrow confessional interpretation would lead us to suppose.

Thus here also it indicates kuypdr some way a confessional difference, but is applied as the name for special church denominations. Here alone we find the common source from which the different streams of our human life spring and separate themselves. It was not charged against William of Orange, that 28 he was a prince of royal lineage; he was the more honored for it.

On the whole the Mongolian race has held itself apart, and in its isolation has bestowed no benefits upon our race at large. Wikiquote has quotations related to: From Calvinism have I drawn the inspiration firmly and resolutely to take my stand in the dalvinism of this great conflict of principles.