This is the novel Saramago was writing when he won the Nobel Prize in La caverna has the abundant compassion, subtlety, and wit of his earlier works. Abstract. VELASQUEZ CAMELO, Edgar Enrique. THE CONSUMER SOCIETY IN JOSÉ SARAMAGO’S THE CAVE: THE APPLICATION OF THE CATHARTIC. : La Caverna (Jose Saramago Works) (Spanish Edition) ( ) by José Saramago and a great selection of similar New, Used and.

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Refresh and try again. It takes time to sweep in and collect what is said with what is unsaid.

Driven by curiosity, reading the river engulfs you with its roll. Her husband is a guard in the Center but lives in a dormitory and commutes home for a few days off every ten days or so. View all 38 comments.

The Cave by José Saramago

Despite the growing tumor of consumerism and authoritarianism, The Cave offers a bright beacon of hope. Saramago mocks the bureaucratic structure of The Center, viewing it as an unnecessarily complex web that is self-sufficient only by imposing its own authority down through the ranks. Jul 07, Weinz rated it it was amazing Recommended to Weinz by: Nov 02, Jim Fonseca rated it it was amazing Shelves: I wanted to help him fill that hollow and wonder what it would look like when we were dead and gone, and I wanted to be there, holding his hand when he entered the Cave, to see what he saw, and know what he knew.

So, I have a complaint. Saramago has a way of pulling you into his stories and making you a part of what he is writing. Of all his novels, this one shines as the most endearing as the way he presents the Algor family can be best described as a tender caress of words. The Center becomes the focal point for his admonition against authoritarianism.

The Cave is a novel about exploring language and Form, not plot, and if you are patient there is an immense wealth of ideas to ponder and mull over that more than justify the effort.

He sells plates and pots to the Center but recently people have stopped buying them, so he is experimenting with making decorative ceramic dolls. In his unique way, love, family, myth, tradition, philosophy, are intertwined in an, sarqmago, simple dystopian setup, only it is anything but. Around the Center are rings of slums, industrial factories and factory farms in greenhouses.


Through this novel, I read a denunciation of our consumer society, a society of the futile and the superficial, governed by the merchants, creating useless and mortal needs. Half of his regular pottery saramaog is rejected, and he is told that the consumers now prefer plastic tableware. How could I NOT give it 5 stars?

In the mouths of those who want to dominate us, they of course can be devastating, perhaps lethal. Saramago harnesses his marvelous poetic wit to make the readers hearts ache for the Algor family, and the plight of manual laborers as their livelihood is threatened by ominous forces that place profit and power over quality and general well-being.

Through caring, understanding, cooperation and hard-work, Saramago proposes a bright future. Even power is seen as only assumed and created, keeping people submissive through emotions of fear and hopelessness. Dec 01, Ivan rated it it was amazing Shelves: They would perceive the shadows as reality and give names to them, when in fact they safamago just reproductions of the true reality. I greatly enjoy his authorial interjections, a tactic that often bothers me with other authors but seems completely endearing with Saramago.

It is not a weak novel, but one simply best suited for those that already hold the wise Saramago as dear in their hearts. There are literally things mentioned on the back jacket which do not happen until around page of the book.

La Caverna

A short time after they have all moved to an apartment in the Center, new construction uncovers an archaeological site in a cave. Dogs have only a limited repertoire in responding to delicacy, however; mainly they just remain attentive to it.

To ask other readers questions about The Caveplease sign up. Patience not decisiveness is required for delicacy to joze. I can understand the desire, but you would think that it would be a more effective device were it employed more sparingly.

Brilliance abounds between the pages of this book.

La Caverna (the Cave)

He needs to describe the minutiae of each person’s wardrobe and coloring! Poor in material joae, but certainly not in spirit. It is like a grey concrete tumor of commercialism swelling outward and destroying the green countryside, accumulating power and wealth as it tightens its grip of authority and dominerence over the rural manual laborers.


Anyway This is an amazing book. The truck had not been burned by the people in the josw, but by the police themselves, it was just an excuse to bring the army…he had suddenly seen what the world was like, how there are many lies and no caveena, well, there must be some out there, but they are continually changing, and not only does a possible truth give us insufficient time to consider its merits, we also have to check first that this possible truth is not, in fact, a probable lie.

La Caverna-Jose Saramago by Ileyn Lorena Casallas Pulido on Prezi

His books are the voice of existence, flowing and unscarred by the borders of ego, asking us to seek freedom and happiness in collective equality and cooperation instead of a competition where those who have assert their dominance through force and fear.

Written in a very unique fashion, void of all normal punctuation, he weaves his haunting tales in such a simplistic way that no other author will ever be able to come close to reproducing.

May 09, s. The Cave’s story, of a potter and his small family, is a simple one. It would be like insulting your own loving grandfather for his bedtime stories, which you know please him to tell as much as they please you to hear. And as you pause and look around in the open air and open waters, the novel will invite your understanding to a full spectacle in which there will be no shadows, no illusions, no screens, no chains.

I wanted to ride beside him in the van as he delivered his wares to the Center. This niggling little issue has been eating at me recently because I’ve taken to reading books aloud and find myself running short of breath halfway through these interminable lists.