Lanzarote is a novella by the French author Michel Houellebecq, published in France in from a draft written at an unspecified earlier time. Pedro Blas Gonzalez Lanzarote – Michel Houellebecq See all books by Michel Houellebecq at | Lanzarote is a. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Lanzarote by Michel Houellebecq.

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Michel Houellebecq visited Lanzarote in the Canary Islands because his travel agent was unable to provide a non-Muslim Arab country for his winter-sun break. Sensitive to his limited means and dislike of Muslim countries, the travel agent suggests an island full of 21st century hedonism, set in a bizarre lunar landscape – Lanzarote. The mermaid alludes to the pair of female German bisexual nudists with whom the French narrator flatly describes, lick-by-suck-by-groan, his wishful-seeming orgy on a beach – yes, Houellebecq once again pays his dues to medium porn and to Bergman’s Persona.

It’s not until Rudi’s letter and the subsequent news of the Azraelites that the book’s point seems to take form. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

English by instinct – Telegraph

The Englishman goes to a particular tourist destination purely because he certain that the will meet other Englishmen there. As much meditation on life — ennui-filled, lacking purpose and direction even as a new millennium has dawned — as any sort of story, it doesn’t get too bogged down in detail. The character Michel in Platform comes back in Possibility, for example. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Lists with This Book. In this, he is diametrically opposed to the Frenchman, so enamored of himself that the mere sight of houel,ebecq compatriot abroad is anathema to him.


En el fondo, parece que Houellebecq escribe siempre la misma novela.

There seemed lznzarote be certain syntactical and houelllebecq errors in the text which really bothered me. Doubtless these breasts codedly intimate that Lanzarote is indeed a proper beach book – satirical and disillusioned and all that, but also a guaranteed vivid rendering of touristic sexual hedonism.

This desolate landscape most of the eight colour photographs included with the text look like they could have been taken on the moon or Mars attracts a “nebulous variety of tourists”, and it’s as good a place as any for him.

The first half of the book it’s really a short novella or long short story is a real bore. It’s an actual destination and every detail is this book is for the most part accurate.

Maybe this was a bad place to start with Houellebecq, or maybe this pamphlet-sized novella is houellebefq perfect distillation of the man’s whole schtick. Yet there is a common philosophical ground here.

Dust to dust

Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. There is no such mystery to the Germans who will go anywhere there’s sunstill less to the Italians who will go anywhere there’s a cute ass ; as for the French, let’s not even go there.


Or will he join the ‘Azraelian’ sect, as houe,lebecq prepare for humanity to be regenerated by extra-terrestrials? Apr 18, Lee rated it liked it.

English by instinct

In short, lanzarlte offers nothing very different to, say, the late Auberon Waugh. Dec 02, Carolyn Cahalane rated it really liked it. The Possibility of an Island Vintage International.

Lanzarpte his name is deceptive: Aug 01, Sergio D. As usual, disturbing but great. It’s still worth a read since I couldn’t have spent more than an hour reading it.

Lanzarote isn’t — in any way — substantial, but it’s an interesting and revealing stepping-stone in Houellebecq’s career, and it is certainly very readable. Tourism in Lanzarote remains resolutely ungreen and certainly wholly uncultural, 21st century hedonism, set in a bizarre lunar landscape – Martian, according to the travel agent.

Lanzarote (novel) – Wikipedia

It’s a short novel about an idiot who goes to a hotel and sleeps with a few people. That’s why I’m giving this a “soft three” maybe closer to a 2. Aug 07, Nate rated it it was ok Shelves: It is apparent that the Englishman is not motivated by a keen appetite for discovery.