Lidetu Ayalew is a very shrewd, articulate and pragmatic politician with a tinge Medrek ought to be brave and take a leaf out of Lidetu’s book;. Time Revealed the Truth about Lidetu Ayalew . Lidetu is the only Ethiopian ever who wrote two books in less than 5 years, as the Chairman of. Lidetu Ayalew: Adjustment and Change Never Changed. his perceived character assassination through his books Yearem Ersha and Medlot.

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As I was always saying to all people I met and in my two articles, Lidetu Ayalew is one of the matured politicians that Ethiopia has ever had in any standard. Lidetu ,u are smart politician this country ever had.

May 7, at Habiba Mohammed, wife of Junedin Sado charged with terrorism. Weyanie did not send Bereket this time to be on the safe side!!! Limiting ourselves to discussing only the sins and cruelty of the EPRDF won’t help us understand why it has been able lkdetu rule for so long. I found this article and opinion very diligent and really written in defense of the truth.

In your book you expressed your worry about ethnic and religious tensions in the country. From biok who passionately kissed Birhanu’s picture on the back cover to those who stayed all night reading it and failing to appear on work the next day, moving stories abound.

I gathered that the government has been rudely awakened and that it rightly perceives that the problem is a credible threat to the system aualew a whole. Ethiopia woman was a victim of sex slavery in Saudi Arabia.

Lidetu Ayalew

You have been playing an active role in Ethiopian politics for over 20 years. Loosing Bugna which included the historic town of Lalibela is unthinkable for Weyanie, and so they are using what ever tools they have to win Bugna by hook or crook.

His organisation is disintegrating in front of his eyes due to an open rebellion against his stewardship of G- 7. We were forced out.

– Theatre Boletika (Alubaltana yeAgerachin Yepoletica Gemena): Lidetu Ayalew: Books

In Ethiopia, there seems to be no culture of examining the past to understand how, why and when a certain problem occurred. I think there are few leaders in that party that have understood the danger well and what it means for the survival of the party.


Weyanie knew that no one, among the Kinijit leaders, played damaging role to its politics more than Lidetu. What is your take in this? As far as I know, the constitution never said that the question of nations and nationalities is fully answered but it laid down the ways of properly addressing these issues.

EPRDF never claimed to be a developmental state prior Anyone entering politics should be aware of it and be prepared to deal with it effectively. Some journalists have manipulated this limitation of the society and have caused plenty of problems.

The public should be politically conscious and avoid being driven by emotion.

Excerpt #1 from Lidetu Ayalew Book – “Farming Weeds” (pub. December )

bbook How do you see the contradiction between the country-wide unrest which is going on in Ethiopia at the moment and the clean sweep victory that the ruling party declared just few months ago?

Plus, when you see the wave of unrest that swept across the nation in a manner of months since winning the election, it tells you that the election does not reflect objective realities on the ground.

The party always tries to address this issue without endangering its firm grip on power and political hegemony; it is practically impossibility. In line with that, there were reports that some members of EDP boom asked you to play a role behind the scenes in order to protect the image of the party. There have been political and religious motivated clashes that had caused the loss of life. Ethiopian News and Views. But, there is no identity called South; it is a direction not an identity so you can tell these various groups that they have a region and there would never be additional quest for identity.

You also find them among the society that supports the opposition or the ruling party.

Ethiopia: Interview with Lidetu Ayalew (Reporter)

Apologies to Lidetu have been flowing from pidetu and out of the country including from Prof. So, political parties have to go through this process and consolidate centers of power. So the timing was not our choice. Secondly, when you look at the demography of this country, 70 percent is below the age of In other words, a party that encouraged its cadres to repress opposition voices and the media and violate basic human rights to solidify its grip on power cannot be surprised when these same cadres invite themselves to the cookie jar economic corruption.


EDP stressed that people living in the ayzlew centers are suffering from the rise of prices including food items, utilities, etc. You can see that, human rights abuse, corruption or administrative injustice have actually gotten worse since the establishment of the Human Rights Commission, the Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission liddtu Ombudsman Institute.

But, the issue should be about having the mechanism the constitutional mechanism to address the concerns. It is only natural to have a differing political opinion but a generation has been wiped out because of that. May 10, at 3: So lidet me, the EPRDF is in the process of power consolidation and it is not clear yet where this consolidation leaves the decisive power: Those of us, who had the stamina to endure the full interview, were left with no doubt that Lidetu finds himself in this mess because of his unbridled ambition and bpok hunger for power.

In my opinion, the extent of the problem of corruption has been elevated to a social problem in Ethiopia; now it is a problem that has made its way into the societal psyche. Atalew Shawel and compony were released from two years of incarceration as a consequence of the clemency granted to them by the FDRE President.

Without defeating its inner demons, it cannot get rid of those corrupt individuals in the bureaucracy. It is actually to the contrary.