12 rolls of thermal ribbonless paper (width 2 1/4″ length 85′). This paper roll can be used for the following equipment: LinkPoint AIO. The Linkpoint AIO supports the complex processing demands of todays merchants with a sophisticated all-in-one solution. Its state-of-the art technology. The Global Gateway AIO payment gateway supports the complex processing demands Compatible with many industry-standard peripherals, the LinkPoint AIO.

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Printer Easy drop-in paper loading system with a fixed thermal print head. Mirrors the process used to settle credit cards. The 20 character back lit display also allows different options with lesser steps. Flexibility is enhanced by the additional ports found in this terminal. Magtek Credit Linkpoiint Terminals. Improves cash flow Eliminates returned checks, returned check fees and warranty claims Streamlines the check acceptance process and reduces paperwork.

Linkpoint AIO

It can operate with a full range of payment types, multiple merchant applications and identifications. Diminishes overall costs of accepting checks. Its screen-addressable keys and dedicated function keys offer more selections with fewer steps. Epson Credit Card Printers. This terminal provides merchants the complete all-in-one answer.

Card reader Track 1 and track 2, bidirectional; track 1, 2 and 3 reader available upon special order.

Ingenico Credit Card Terminals.


Net weight terminal only: Paper Rolls Paper Linpoint paper rolls 2. Converts paper checks into electronic items at the point of sale. Telecheck Credit Card Terminals.

Operating system embedded in flash sector. Net shipping weight including power adapter: It is compatible to almost all standard peripherals. Password protection prevents unauthorized downloads Manager password controls ensure transaction security.

Compatible with many industry-standard peripherals, the LinkPoint AIO provides maximum versatility at the sio site. Print speed of 14 lines per second provides quick, legible linkopint. Supports graphic printing capability and 13 international character sets.

Reduces trips to the bank by eliminating manual check deposits. Operation can be made without complications as the keys are clearly labeled for its function. All trademarks, service marks and trade names referenced in this material are the property of their respective owners.

Two-line, character backlit LCD. Its state-of-the art technology addresses the full range of payment capabilities, including multiple merchant applications and identifications. Versatility at the merchant site. With superb performance, the LinkPoint AIO gives customer quick response time and excellent business for the merchant.

Linkpoint AIO –

Small footprint provides the greatest convenience Base or wall mounting saves valuable counterspace A single power supply reduces cable clutter. The thermal printer supplies receipts at a faster speed. Nurit Credit Card Terminals. Expedites closing, balancing and settlement. Linkpoint Credit Card Terminals. It features an intuitive ATM-style interface which makes learning so simple.


LinkPoint AIO Credit Card Machine

The calculator function gives this terminal more value. VeriFone Credit Card Terminals. American Express requires separate approval.

Thales Credit Card Terminals. Supports multiple applications and multiple merchant identifications Supports multiple languages Calculator function provides added-value module Compatible with many industry-standard peripherals PIN pads, bar-code wands, etc. The LinkPoint AIO employs technological advancement that responds to the wide range of payment methods as well as applications being used today.

Standard RJ modular jacks 2 located on base of unit. Intuitive ATM-style interface makes learning a snap Clearly labeled, dedicated function keys simplify everyday operations Screen-addressable keys provide more selections with fewer steps Two-line display is easy to read in all lighting conditions Drop-in paper-loading system is quick and hassle-free Reliable printer eliminates failures due to paper jams.

For security measures, the LinkPoint AIO terminal has password protection which prevents downloads from unknown sources. Reduces long-term merchant support expenses month warranty provides peace of mind.

Hypercom Credit Card Terminals. Its high-speed, integrated thermal printer streamlines sales, installation and everyday linkpoinh operation. Start Processing Today