This week, we have been reading, analyzing, and discussing the script and movie Looper, written and directed by Rian Johnson. IMDb plot. This week: Looper. You may download the script — free and legal — here. Written and directed by Rian Johnson. IMDb plot summary: In Looper has certainly been a hot topic of conversation here at NFS, whether it’s writer/director Rian Johnson discussing how budget doesn’t.

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Lingers over him in the pale light. And I know that you’re still going to meet her. Then grabs a shotgun mounted above the door and with no hesitation at all plows outside. scriph

But he forces calm. I had to see. Jlhnson then they get to the present moment the left straw And they’re instantly clear again. But he doesn’t take his hand off it. He flips the man onto his back, stares long and hard at the shape of the man’s face under the cloth sack. Regardless of who is pushing for the awards attention, we’d like to thank Rian Johnson and his Looper team for posting this version of the screenplay and for Scripy deanareeno for the heads-up.

Looper Script at IMSDb.

Watching the blank space where the man is supposed to appear. The Kid stares daggers and spins his gun. And I do the necessaries.


In what seems like one fluid motion Old Joe’s fingers grab one of the bars, he spins again, throwing handfuls of dirt and the bar back towards Joe. A hard pool of light from a mounted floodlight falls off to inky darkness. And I remember that kid, and I think when you ask yourself you ask who would I sacrifice for what’s mine, I think Seth is deep and cozy inside that circle. Do you know what’s going to happen? Wide around, ya shit. The seven Gat Men and Kid Blue and Joe fire their guns after him while running but they’re too far away and they’re running so nothing hits.

Removes his torn jacket, dumps it. And I can remember it, it’s going to happen. Then goes to the truck. The sun warming the sheets. Seth kicks the bike. JOE I’ve got him! The car screeches to a halt, and its harsh white light shows Old Seth’s missing right ear, and deep scars down his face.

JOE It’s tacky, don’t do it. Circling back to where we started, reading scripts is hugely important. The broken window opens, Old Joe slides in. Joe grabs at the papers, Old Joe grabs them first and yanks.

Beneath the caked mud, fine leather. They part before us, endless, hypnotic.


His gun on his knee. In her green dress. We zero in on the major plot points in Looper. Aren’t you going to come over? He scoops it up. On the back of his papers he scrawls the number: Reply Share Share this answer: Deciding what to do.

Joe scrambles to a stop, lifts the heavy safe trap door and SLAMS it down – just as the Kid’s hand grasps the open edge. Like a vision I saw it happen, you turning bad. Earbud headphones, the drone of French lessons.

Read Rian Johnson’s Original Treatment For LOOPER

I wish I was smart like you. Slowly he takes stock of himself.

He sprints into an alleyway, but Gat Men are coming down the other side with flashlights. Old Joe downs johnosn aspirin. But you couldn’t let me die, you won’t kill me. The scars spell out clearly: ABE You’re expecting we’re gonna break your fingers with a hammer or something awful, and I’m going to diffuse that tension right now, that isn’t going to happen.

Methodically cleaning and loading his gun.