Here is the antiphon Lumen ad revelationem gentium, one of three antiphons sung during that Procession; its name (in English, “A light to. Work Title, Lumen ad revelationem gentium. Alternative. Title. Composer, Walter, Johann. I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. IJW Language, Latin. Composer. This evocative chant is proper to Candlemas (February 2nd), the ancient Christian festival commemorating the infant Christ’s presentation in the temple when.

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The text of the chant itself is, in fact, the complete Nunc Dimittis ; the Lumen refrain is sung between each verse: A wondrous force and might Both in these candles lie, which if At any time they light, They sure believe that neither storm Lmuen tempest cloth abide, Nor thunder in the skies be heard, Nor any devil’s spide, Nor fearful sprites that walk by night, Nor hurts of frost or hail. However, with its theme of light, it might also be celebrated on the Eve, as prelude to Evensong or an evening Mass.

Simply slice the strawberries and sprinkle them with a bit of sugar.

Lumen ad revelationem – ChoralWiki

On this day your only-begotten Son was presented in the Temple reveltaionem be received into the arms of blessed Simeon; we humbly pray you to bless, getium, and kindle with the light of your heavenly benediction these candles which your servants desire to receive and to carry, lighted in honor of your holy Name.

The rite may be abbreviated by omitting two or three of the first four prayers. The following antiphon and psalm is appropriate as the procession approaches the Altar.

Lumen ad revelationem gentium: Here’s another video of the antiphon with the chant score embedded, to make it easier to sing with; below that is the chant score by itself: Lumen ad Revelationem Gentium. Welcome to Hyperion Records, an independent British classical label devoted to presenting high-quality recordings of revelatuonem of all styles and from all periods from the twelfth century to the twenty-first. It features a rare recording of Ligeti’s Lux aeterna.


The pure wax is understood to represent his human body, while the flaming wick represents his divinity. Lumen… Quia viderunt oculi mei salutare tuum. Almighty and everlasting God, sd by your servant Moses commanded the purest oil to be prepared for the lamps that burned in the Temple: A light to enlighten the nations, and the glory of your people Israel.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Grant that, by your mercy, we may be enlightened and taught by the same Holy Spirit and may truly acknowledge you and faithfully love you; who with the Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit, live and reign, one God, for ever and ever.

Traditionally, this blessing takes place before the celebration of the Eucharist on the morning of the Gentiuk. Holy Lord, almighty and everlasting God: Lord, you now have set refelationem servant free, to go in peace as you have promised.

Lumen ad revelationem gentium – Hyperion Records – CDs, MP3 and Lossless downloads

It is most appropriate that the blessing and procession begin somewhere away from the High Altar, which should be the destination, but not the starting point. The following five prayers are derived from the traditional rite for blessing candles.

Someone facing a personal crisis or difficult decision might light the Candlemas candle while praying and thinking through his situation. They may be lit in times of danger, such as severe storms and floods. Another tradition allows for some or all of the decorations to remain until Candlemas see below. Hymns and psalms appropriate to the Feast are sung as the procession moves forward. The people continue to hold lighted candles until the end of the Collect of the Day at the Eucharist, and relight them for the reading of the Gospel.

Lord Jesus Christ, the true Light who enlightens every one who comes into this world: Wherever the blessing of the candles takes place, the figures of the Holy Family should be carried in the procession to the High Altar, or to a suitable place prepared for them near the High Altar.


Lumen ad revelationem gentium (Walter, Johann)

It should be noted here that there are wd traditions regarding Christmas decorations. As the Church has often incorporated homely folk customs into her observances, we see no conflict here, for Christ is indeed the Sun of Righteousness. Where weather and other circumstances permit, the blessing and procession might begin outside of the church, in front of the main entrance. O God, you have made this day holy by the ac of your Son in the Temple, and by the purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Clare College Choir Cambridge.

By offering them to you, our Lord and God, may we be inflamed with the fire of your love, and made worthy to be presented in the heavenly temple of your glory; through the luen Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one, now and for ever.

We have waited in silence on your loving-kindness, O Lord, in the midst of your temple. Lumen… Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in saecula saeculorum, Amen. From your holy heaven and the throne of your glory, hear, O Lord, the voices of your people who desire to carry these candles reverently in their hands and to praise you with song; recelationem mercy on all who call upon you, and whom you have redeemed with the precious Blood of your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.

A room apart from the church itself qd a suitable alternative. Hyperion offers both CDs, and downloads gfntium a number of formats.