SCUM Manifesto has ratings and reviews. Adam said: I am El Manifiesto SCUM & Las Educadoras: Introduccion y notas de Aline d’Arbrant · More. El Manifiesto SCUM, el más violento de los textos feministas de los sesentas y setentas fue escrito en Celebrando el quincuagésimo aniversario de este. Manifiesto Scum [SOLANAS VALERIE] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Thus is Valerie Solanas’ magnum opus – SCUM Society for Cutting Up Men Manifesto – a feminist classic from the revolutionary change of the ’60s, in which she penned her edgy, radical, brilliant thoughts and ideas, namely the purging from the earth The assertion by its author of the inherent superiority of women over men, and whose book opens with “. Her outlandish claims about biology that bear a rigid gender essentialism may be off-putting for some, and rightfully so, but some of us see through it.

The Scum Manifesto

I fully agree with I have just finished the book and felt vrry unsettled to see the top reviews by men as well who seem to entirely miss the point. It’s unfortunate we have little else to go on to assess her talent. Yale Journal of Criticism. Also, Solanas contradicts several of her arguments numerous times throughout the tract, and besides all the manic glee to be found in her frothing against the system, she offers only the vaguest notions of pursuits for women to engage in, such as curing all diseases death included and grooving with one another.

I suspect the work was a cathartic move for Solanas. Valerie is somewhat right; men have blood on their hands, and we as a society are still at the forefront of this gendered violence that abuses and murders those who stray from traditional masculinity.

Mar 12, Anya rated it did not like it Shelves: Solanas states in the manifesto, “Dropping out sfum not the answer. View all 30 comments. Completely implausible and idiotic if you take it seriously, just as misogyny is. Alongside the discussion about the male is defective animal, she says ecum profound things about the gender roles in a way calm,droll acadamic essays about men,women cant say.


SCUM Manifesto was considered one of the most outrageous, violent and certifiably crazy tracts when it first appeared in See also Richp.

SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas

This vanguard is referred to as SCUM. But seriously, this manifesto — a fuck-load more fun than Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” — half makes me want to march into the mountain to my demise like t I’m reading this, as a man of course, and cheering on Solanas’ bad-ass, hilarious, blunt-force-trauma, withering, genocidal rant against men. Solanas organized “a public forum on SCUM” at which about 40 people, mostly men she characterized as “creeps” and “masochists”, showed up; [] SCUM had no members besides her.

Southern Poverty Law Center. The agressive language,tone made it a powerful read.

Published May 17th by Verso first published Not sure if this is serious or not. This woman is clearly superior than all those broads who claim to be modern and tolerant, but screech out when somebody dares to touch their o so beloved celebrities. It’s not even me View all 5 comments. Sep 21, Robert rated it did not like it. Vay be, dedim okurken.

SCUM Manifesto

SCUM Manifesto is a one woman battle cry that roars LOUDLY in its beliefs and sheer audaciousness in what should be done to reinstute women to their rightful place in the hierarchy of society. In Patricia Juliana Smith. I once got into an animated discussion over beer about this book. Lists with This Book.

Bulletin of the Project for Transnational Cultural Studiesvol. I’m sure the list goes Since an early age, women are told to look past the misogyny in much so called “great art”.

Views Read Edit View history. She describes the male as lacking empathy scym unable to relate to anything apart from his own physical sensations.


Recommended for those who have stripped the world of conversation, friendship and love; readers for whom screwing is a defense against a desire to be female; and well-behaved heterosexual dullards. At least, not at first. I put the book back on the shelf within seconds of flipping through it, terrified and thinking fondly of my childhood bedroom. The edition also contains an insightful introduction by Michelle Tea and a concise biography of Valerie Solanas in the afterword.

Jan 13, Bari rated it it was amazing. Radical Feminism in America — The phrase “Society for Cutting Up Men” is on the cover of the self-published edition, after the title, in “‘Presentation of SCUM was the voice of those women, like Valerie, an enraged, impoverished loner-lesbian, outside any group or any society, who were the rejected, the dregs, the refuse, the outcast.

It is very special reading someone who is fearless about some really big human issues. Especially since Solanas has lots of really offensive shit to say about women, especially women who like fucking dudes “raving sex maniacs” is a very mild example.

My guess is, she was going for some kind of satire–an indictment of ’60s radicals and their extremist ways? After failing to relocate the commuter lot, where my second box of records was no doubt being preyed upon by skinheads, I found myself in the bookstore, where I immediately felt at ease. The writing, however, is awfuland on its face, horribly offensive. Solanas was claimed as an ‘important spokeswoman’ by the radical wing of NOW Nick Cave said that Solanas in the Manifesto “talks at length about what she considers maleness and the male psyche Hey, I wrote a book.

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